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Monday, October 30, 2006

Terror exposed

The Left likes to dismiss revulsion at the naked human form as some sort of antiquated notion of modesty. "Loosen up, baby," they implore us, deviously plotting how to get America in the back seat of their car so they can boast to all their friends about how they scored with the Greatest Nation on Earth. Sadly, disrespecting Our Nation's Virtue is only half of their twisted agenda. Thanks to Prayer Warriors WorldNetDaily, we can now see nudity for what it really is -- a means of waging global jihad:
A wanted Palestinian terrorist showering at his parents home last week escaped an Israeli arrest raid by jumping out a window and running naked through a densely populated refugee camp.

The terrorist, a senior leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the northern West Bank, recounted the story to WND under the condition his name and location be withheld, conceding he is "very embarrassed" by the incident. ...

It is true that while running I felt embarrassed but the stress in which I was in was more important than the embarrassment I felt. I know that some people will speak about this idiot who ran naked but this is better than to be now in the Israeli prison.

"That was the equation – running naked and being treated for some days by the people of the camp as impolite, crazy and insane, or sitting in front investigators from the Shabak (Israeli security services) insulting me, torturing me and knowing that all my life I will be in jail. I chose the first possibility."
In light of this information, can Janet Jackson's revealing of her northerly ladyparts be intepreted as anything but some sort of terrorist dry run, or perhaps a means of communicating with Osama himself? Rump if by land; nipples if by sea. The parallels are simply to uncanny to be ignored.

Those who would willingly expose their genitalia to harm Freedom pose a grave and gathering threat* to Our Nation. Our only hope for stemming the tide of Islezbofascism comes by promoting a healthy shame-based approach to the human body, and heavily censoring liberal media. Freedom requires nothing less. Praise Him!

*Unless they contribute to GOP candidates.


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