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Monday, November 06, 2006

Bloch of Ages

If ever there were a great philosophical quandary of our day, it would surely be Why must Sister Nancy Beth endure so much Persecution at the hands of the Beauty Palace's gay hairdressers? Initially I attributed my Suffering to the legendary intolerance of The Left. After all, there are few things liberals hate more than seeing how somebody can prosper after she's left the moonbat plantation -- I'm not one to boast, but I do make a pretty inviting target, what with my GED* and two quarters of beauty school and all. However, thanks to Prayer Warrior Phyllis Schlafly, I now see that radical homosexual activists have made persecuting Christians their standard operating procedure: Simply put, oppressing us is what they do.

Case in point is the sad tale of Scott Bloch, the head of the Office of Special Counsel who is presently being mau-maued by the huns of The Left:

Scott Bloch, the head of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel in the Bush administration, has been targeted for termination because he removed "sexual orientation" from the list of anti-discrimination laws protecting employment at federal agencies. Bloch discovered that his Clinton-appointed predecessor, Elaine Kaplan, had unilaterally inserted "sexual orientation" in the list without any statutory authorization, so he removed it.

The gay lobby retaliated, instigating five investigations against Bloch. After all five cleared him of any wrongdoing, the response by the gay lobby was to initiate a sixth investigation.
Fortunately for America, Mr. Bloch takes the "broken windows" approach to sodomy in the workplace. Clearly he recognizes that once the nancies get a foothold within an institution, even at the lowliest of positions, it's just a matter of time before moral rot spreads to the very top, with the formerly straight boss Tivo-ing Desperate Housewives and heading off to Denver to do meth with his favorite $200/hour manwhore. And that's if they're lucky. There are certainly far worse fates that can befall an organization that's been afflicted with homosexuality:

Their allegations run the gamut. They claim Bloch has denied help to gay workers who assert sexual-orientation discrimination; dismissed hundreds of whistleblower and discrimination complaints without any investigation; issued illegal gag orders and reassigned or fired employees he suspects of leaking information about him; and left critical staff vacancies open, while hiring numerous unqualified friends at high salaries for unnecessary administrative positions. Worse, they allege that he has politicized what should be a nonpartisan office by squashing investigation into whether Condoleezza Rice had broken campaign law, but speedily pursuing allegations against John Kerry; and vigorously pursuing petty complaints against Democrats and Green Party candidates, while burying complaints against Republicans.
Outrageous, isn't it? The Left has so perverted the meaning of Freedom that the once venerable First Amendment has devolved into nothing more than an excuse for disgruntled homos to natter on about how a great American and stand-up Christian like Scott Bloch performs his job -- why does that sound so familiar??? Mr. Bloch clearly ranks among Our President's finest appointments, and if the federal government hadn't been so thoroughly tainted by the scourge of homosexuality, they'd be showering him with rice and rose petals, rather than staging these inquisitions. Praise Him!

*Expected June 2007.


  • At November 07, 2006 5:06 AM, Blogger Alan said…

    Once you finish your GED, you know there'll be no end to the persecution. Have you thought about not getting it? I'm thinking of you, sister...

    Praise Him, indeed.

  • At November 07, 2006 12:25 PM, Blogger Mom of Three said…

    You know, you spend YEARS putting together your Good Ol' Boys Network, only to discover that there are entire groups of heathens out there trying to dismantle it?

    Who'da thunk it?

  • At November 08, 2006 3:27 PM, Blogger Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said…

    Alan: You raise a valid point. And the study materials are so full of liberal bias (not ONE WORD about how John Kerry lost the Vietnam War for America) that, frankly, I question its value.

    Mom of Three: A rude awakening indeed. I'd say ship 'em all to Gitmo, but there are day spas that treat their clients worse.

  • At November 11, 2006 11:41 PM, Blogger lee said…

    The outcome is dictated by the fact that the republican party is rife with homosexuals, that's why they have so much control and influence.

    The problem is they claim Jesus as their own and morality is theirs to own. Yea, right. lol crooks, thieves, meth and oxycontin users and buyers on the street. Hyde-child out of wedlock. Burton--the same, Ney--crook, They guy in San Diego==in jail. Abramoff-desk at the fbi, and a crook. Livengstone-multiple mistresses.Renolds chief of staff--gay. I am not criticizing them--just don't throw morality in my face. I don't buy it. It's THE HYPOCRISY, STUPID. Have a nice day.

  • At November 11, 2006 11:48 PM, Blogger lee said…

    Oh please. You are probably a hypocrital bitch to people around you, always criticizing everyone and acting superior, can't coordinate with others. I've seen people like that and they always wonder why nobody can tolerate them Geez! and what's this GED stuff--big deal. Have a nice day

  • At November 13, 2006 8:01 AM, Blogger lee said…

    Did someone bring up Vietnam?
    During the Vietnam war, American forces sprayed about 12 million gallons of Agent Orange over the jungle canopies and jade-green highlands of Vietnam. The most toxic of the herbicides used for military purposes, it defoliated countless trees in areas where the communist North Vietnamese troops hid supply lines and conducted guerrilla warfare.

    Because Vietnam lacked the resources to conduct its own environmental cleanup, dioxin-related birth defects have been diagnosed in thousands of children whose parents were not exposed during the war. The USA sprayed chemicals that still create birth defects in Vietnam.

    I find it ironic that on one hand we put Saddam Hussein on trial for using biological warfare, but in another country where we sprayed chemicals for warfare, 30 years after we still have not cleaned it up. Hypocrisy is alive and well and will be our downfall if we don't stop it.


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