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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bedtime for democracy

Christians, I'm going to dash this off before The Left rounds me up and ships me off to one of their gulags on some geographically remote island like Martha's Vineyard, but as evidence of how hobbled Our President has become, he's even had to resort to the unthinkable -- Negotiating with the terrorists!
President Bush made nice on Thursday with Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi after her Democratic Party gave his Republicans a trouncing in this week's elections - but not before telling Congress to complete a hefty list of assignments while Republicans are still in charge.

"It is our responsibility to put the elections behind us and work together on the great issues facing America," Bush said after meeting with his Cabinet and Republican leaders from the House and Senate. "Some of these issues need to be addressed before the current Congress finishes its legislative session, and that means the next few weeks are going to be busy ones."

On the president's to-do list for the current Congress before January's changeover in power: spending bills funding government's continued operation "with strong fiscal discipline and without diminishing our capacity to fight the war on terror;" legislation retroactively authorizing his warrantless domestic surveillance of suspected terrorists; energy legislation; and congressional approval for a landmark civilian nuclear cooperation agreement with India and for normalizing trade relations with Vietnam.

Bush cast such objectives as a way for both parties to "rise above partisan differences." But with Democrats skeptical of many of these items, Bush's plea for Capitol Hill to do things his way - which came just a half-hour before his makeup luncheon with Pelosi - could complicate the reconcilation effort.
In light of the overwhelming mandate American voters gave the Democrats to continue President Bush's policies of warrantless wiretaps and staying the course keeping the path in Iraq, they're hardly in any position to refuse. However, Ayatollah Pelosi, head of the Supreme Council for Islezbofascist Revolution in America, rebuffed Our President's requests, shortly before pulling out a knife and beheading Freedom in a videotaped statement distributed to Arab language news channels:
"I look forward to working in a confidence-building way with the president, recognizing that we have our differences and we will debate them," Pelosi said at the president's side. "We've made history. Now we have to make progress." ...

Pelosi told reporters later that she suggested targets for initial compromise that are favorite subjects of the president — increased production of alternative energy, an immigration policy overhaul and ways to make American workers more competitive in the global economy.

She said Bush did not raise the issue of getting his warrantless domestic eavesdropping program approved by lawmakers. But, proclaiming that "you have to govern from the center," she said agreement with the White House is possible.
Somebody should remind "Mrs." Pelosi that she's governing from the center of the United States, not Saudi Arabia, and it's just this sort of partisan stonewalling that earned her party the wrath of the American voters she saw on Tuesday. But then again, when you hate America as much as these people do, doing what's best for Our Nation isn't exactly on the top of their list. Keep it up & we'll see how you fare next election. Praise Him!


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