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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nancy, get your gun

Over at Agape Press, Gary Bauer speaks to the sense of anomie that has overcome many of Our Nation's most persecuted Christians, including, I am sad to report, myself. Like many people, I was completely taken aback by my fellow "Americans" embrace of the Democrats' twin harlots, peace and prosperity, and have spent more than forty days wandering through a Spiritual wasteland, wondering what will become of America. And while it has been my fervent Prayer that Freedom would rise, Phoenix-like, and shoot all these liberal interlopers in the face, Brother Gary warns us that our retreat from the public square can have very dire consequences indeed for God's Kingdom here on earth. For example, if enough of us stop paying attention, The Left will try to ensure the solvency of their deeply unchristian social programs that take care of the sick and elderly:
... Bauer, who served as Ronald Reagan's chief domestic policy advisor, is also concerned the White House has signaled it is prepared to consider raising either social security or income taxes.

"Tantalizing [wtf?] or more heavily taxing people who have been successful, and then second of all an amnesty for illegal immigrants," says Bauer. "I think both of those ideas go against the conservative philosophy."

Not only do those ideas go against conservative philosophy, but Bauer expects conservatives to respond less than enthusiastically. "I think on both of those scores there's going to be a very negative reaction from the conservative grassroots," Bauer adds.

According to the American Values president, hiking social security taxes "would hit small-business owners and entrepreneurs the hardest, and [would] probably guarantee Hillary and Bill's return to the White House in 2008."
I was unaware of this plan to funnel payroll taxes into Bill & Hillary's election coffers, but nothing those two do surprises me anymore. To prevent this hellish scenario from coming to pass, clearly Sister Nancy Beth needs to bone up on her blogging game.

While the aged & elderly are easily enough bought off with government benefits as footsoldiers in Bill & Hillary's Osamafication campaign, what The Left really needs are younger, heartier recruits. That's where Our Nation's public schools come into play. My Prayer Warriors have been vigorously reporting the latest demonic plots to recruit our children over to the side of Evil:

As any patriot can tell you, Islezbofascism is the unholy alliance of Muslims, homosexuals, environmentalists, feminists, criminals, and other Democratic-leaning blocks who actively seek to ban Freedom and turn us all gay. We can now add Hindus to the list of conspirators, as they are using the black art of yoga to supplant Christianity as America's Official Religion, and on taxpayer dime, no less. Prayer Warrior Marsha West explains at RenewAmerica:
Government schools have embraced religious pluralism and are now offering yoga as a physical education course, even though yoga is a fundamental part of a religious system. Granted, most schools don't teach classical yoga; they incorporate snippets of it in their exercise program. Imagine the outrage if some brave soul were to attempt to introduce as part of the physical education course, "Fitness According to God," that aims to get children to adopt biblical principles for good mind/body health. The ACLU would file a lawsuit faster than the speed of a 56K modem.
This is hardly the only anti-Christian exercise program in effect today. The dirty little secret of public school physical education is that nearly every school in America has their children playing soccer, a sport that is wildly popular in the nations most brown-skinned illegal immigrants come from -- Outrageous!

Most Christians are familiar with Scholastic for pumping the rock
cocaine of children's books, Harry Potter, into Our Nation's schools at rock-bottom prices, thereby creating an epidemic of literacy that not even No Child Left Behind can hope to stamp out. It should come as no surprise to learn that their Junior Scholastic publication is running pro-jihadi propaganda that tries to lure America's youths into enrolling in radical Pakistani madrassas. WorldNetDaily explains:
The article talks about how female students follow "strict codes of behavior and dress," and it lists a "typical day" at the school, which runs from a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call to an 11 p.m. bedtime, and includes time for morning prayers, lessons from the Quran, classes on Islamic law, classes on memorization of the Quran, classes on Islamic history, midday prayers, afternoon prayers, evening prayers, late-evening prayers, and more lessons from the Quran.
Waking up at 4:30, memorizing the Quran, and praying around the clock: My God, our young people will be powerless to resist this sort of temptation!

I don't know how I missed this story late last month from Focus on the Family's Citizenlink, but it seems that the children of Massachusetts are being schooled in The Left's three r's of raunch, reprobation, and reassigned gender:
A teacher in a Newton, Mass., elementary school has come under fire from parents for telling her third-grade class that transgenderism is a viable lifestyle choice for some people.

The teacher’s comments came after one student stood up in class and said that "some men like to become women."

Parents have been understandably upset with the teacher and the school. Tom Mountain, a columnist with the Newton Tab, said the teacher’s statement had a harmful effect on the kids.

"Parents were remarking that (their children) had nightmares at night, they couldn’t sleep," he told Family News in Focus. "One little girl told her mother that she was scared that her little sister could turn into a boy. Other kids expressed to the parents that their daddies could become women and they still want to keep their daddies."
The term "nightmare" hardly does justice to the sort of Terrorism these children -- and myself -- have been subjected to. Shortly after learning that this teacher had abdicated her professional responsibility of instructing her tots to treat trannies with scorn, I woke up in a cold sweat; I had dreamt that Baby's First Sex-Change had joined Heather Has Two Mommies on the New York Times bestseller list and Jerry Brown was governor of California again. That I have no legal recourse for the suffering I've endured as a result of this incident points to the stranglehold that the GLBT lobby has on this country. Well, leftards, Sister Nancy Beth is back on the blogging beat and won't stand for it, or take it lying down, or contort myself into any other of those kinky non-missionary positions you're so fond of. Praise Him!


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