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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fanning the flames of perversion

Whenever my sense of righteous indignation is in need of a quick pick-me-up, there's no better boost than Prayer Warrior Agape Press' news briefs. Today's espresso shot of Outrage is the unholy -- though completely foreseeable -- alliance of Hollywood and child molestors:
A Christian media expert is taking Hollywood to task for the way it is treating an up-and-coming child actress. Dr. Ted Baehr, who monitors and reports on the cultural impact of the entertainment industry, blames Dakota Fanning's mother and the actress's agent for accepting a role for the young girl in the movie Hounddog in hopes it could bring her an Oscar -- even though the starring role portrays her as a sexually promiscuous child who is eventually raped. According to Baehr, a controversial "simulated" rape scene in the film, which premiers later this month, reportedly shows the girl's reaction during the violent act.
I was initially puzzled by the use of the scare quotes around simulated, but then it dawned on me: As noted pervert and anti-Semite Jimmy Carter once remarked, he had committed adultery in his heart many times, just by looking at a woman ... and probably still does. For liberals, watching depictions of child-rape and committing it themselves are indistinguishable, and both are equally dangerous for the children of America.

Miss Fanning is just a notch on The Left's belt, since their goal is nothing less than the cinematic deflowering of all Our Nation's children. Baehr continues:
"Pimps and pedophiles," says the culture analyst, are corrupting the innocence of the almost-13-year-old actress. "This movie sets a new low for Hollywood," he says, "which has been increasingly making sympathetic movies about pedophiles …." He cites such films as Little Children, Kinsey, and The Woodsman. "These politically correct moral degenerates tolerate sexual promiscuity, including pedophilia," he continues. "They show no concern for protecting the innocence of children, much less the sexual purity of teenagers and young adults." In his opinion, he adds, the movie appears to be "a clear case of child abuse." Baehr, who is president of the Christian Film & Television Commission and publisher of MovieGuide.org, is urging all movie and video distributors to reject the movie -- and report the filmmakers to legal authorities.
Quite honestly, I'm shocked that Baehr doesn't call for the arrest of anyone who so much as buys a ticket, thereby becoming complicit in the "simulated" violation of little Montana or whatever her name is in the theatre. At the very least, the names of people who view movies where adolescence is distorted into some sort of sexual awakening should go straight into a government database so that their neighbors can harrass them accordingly.

Hollywood's improper on-screen touching is but a coming attraction of the the orgiastic double feature they've got planned for your children. Remember, the best defenders of teen and pre-teen chastity is the party of values, so keep in mind that even a young actress' career choices are ammo for partisan sniping. Praise Him!


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