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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beauty 911, or Beauty 9/11?

Even though the California Cosmetology Board's anti-Christian bias keeps them from granting me my license, I still consider myself a beautician. So you can imagine how my heart swelled with pride when I read this ABC News item :
Two women in Cincinnati had better leave big tips the next time they get their hair done. They survived strokes thanks to fast action by their beauticians, who were taking part in a novel program to raise stroke awareness as they clipped, straightened and braided their customers' hair.

One stylist noticed that a woman's speech was slurred, and called for help. Another woman called her hairdresser weeks after having been in the shop, describing symptoms she was having.

"The beautician recognized it as signs of a stroke, called 911, walked to the woman's apartment and waited with her until an ambulance arrived," said Dr. Dawn Kleindorfer, a University of Cincinnati neurologist who led the project and reported results Wednesday at an American Stroke Association conference in San Francisco.

Beauticians and barbers increasingly are being used like churches to spread the word about stroke, cancer and other diseases. What they can do may be as important as any doctor, drug or diagnostic test.
I would add: if not more important. From my perch as receptionist at the Beauty Palace, I've long considered myself to be on the front lines of advancing public health, and I'll tell anyone who'll listen about how abortions cause breast cancer and tofu turns people gay. Finally I was getting the recognition I deserve... or so I thought.

I knew something was fishy when I hit this troubling passage:
"This is a great captive audience," she said. "African-American hairstyles can take a long time. They're there for a long time with someone they know and trust."
What is this, Mother Jones? It absolutely sickens me that that The Left has to turn an otherwise non-political story about the good work beauticians do into grist for the racial grievance industry, whose paranoia allows them to see racist conspiracies in everything. Enough with the reflexive white-people bashing!

Unfortunately, it's not just the race pimps calling the shots on this one. Evidently, the whole operation is being underwritten by the Hell's homecoming court, the Wiccans (my emphasis):
The Hazel K. Goddess Fund for Stroke Research in Women paid for the program.
Outrageous! This is nothing less than a full-fledged hit on Our Nation by its enemies within. Liberals howled with outrage when Our President tried to have America's churches undo the moral degeneracy caused by 8 years of Bill Clinton's tyrannical rule because it was supposedly "unconstitutional." But when the blacks and the Satanists try to take over our beauty parlors, it's some great exercise in minority empowerment, even though minority empowerment is a direct violation of the concept of States Rights as laid out in that precious Constitution. Yet again, The Left demonstrates that ideological consistency can easily go by the wayside if it gives them another shot at hurting America. Praise Him!


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