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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I can't believe it's not fetus

The primary reason The Left is so taken with embryonic stem cell research is that it allows them to achieve two of their most pressing objectives simultaneously: the wholesale destruction of unborn Christians, and the advancement of their Godless religion called "Science." Well, thanks to my Prayer Warriors at Citizenlink, I see that adult stem cell research allows us Christians to engage in a little multi-tasking of our own, like eating our snackcakes by the gross and doing anything but worrying about the resulting obesity or heart disease:
For more than a decade, medical researchers have been turning to adult stem cells to provide therapies and miraculous cures. Now you can add heart failure to the list.

The Texas Heart Institute announced Monday that for the first time a heart-failure patient has been injected with adult stem cells taken from his own fat tissue.

The cells were removed by liposuction, then, after processing, injected directly into the heart. The treatment strengthened the heart muscle, which had deteriorated due to the disease.
Liberals, of course, like to point to hard-luck stories like Michael J. Fox, whom God has stricken with Parkinson's, despite his favorable depiction of a conservative on television. My response? He must not be that good of an actor, because God sure wasn't convinced enough to spare him. So instead of working themselves into a lather because they can't kill more unborn children, our moonbat friends should just call Domino's and partake in a bit of Our Nation's bounty. Praise Him!


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