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Friday, February 09, 2007


I've refrained from chiming in about Ayatollah Pelosi's magic carpet ride since MSM is finally doing its job [sort of -- am I the only one to have noticed that her reasons for needing a plane that can fly from DC to the spiritual center of radical Islam, San Francisco, is the same reason the 9/11 terrorists chose cross-country flights: to have enough fuel to take down a skyscraper?]. However, the ultimate dressing-down of Madame Speaker comes from noted statesman and game show host, Pat Sajak:
Take the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Since 9/11, the Speaker (whoever he or she might be) has been provided with a private jet for security reasons. I happen to think that’s right and proper and prudent. However, she's arguing for a larger jet which would accommodate family and others and would allow for non-stop travel to her California home. I think that's probably reasonable, too. But wait a minute! How can a believer in man-made global warming be so utterly unconcerned about accelerating the coming catastrophe? Is the convenience of a non-stop flight more important than helping to prevent the rising seas from destroying coastal cities? Shouldn't she be arguing against a private jet and perhaps closing down one of her homes or moving her family within a few blocks of her office? She, of course, is perfectly willing to champion regulation of others, but, again, I ask, what is she willing to do personally.
Pat's really onto something here. The idea that congress members should actually live in the states they represent is part of The Left's quaint allegiance to a way of life that ended when the first airliner hit the WTC. It's insights like this that make me wish Vanna White would start writing for Human Events, too. Praise Him!


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