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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


One of the benefits of reading my email more than once every few weeks is that, in the event someone is coming to LA, I can enlist their support in my various protests around town. I missed out when Alan at 39 & Holding was here, but I did get to meet up with Waremouse's John (presently doing business as Space Cadet). I recall from my own days of drunken whoring around that Faultline was a source of endless Outrage and would probably make a target-rich environment for protesting. Evidently somebody must have tipped them off, because it was hardly the homosexual bacchanalia I recall from the days of yore. Which is just as well, because it did allow us to swap tales of workplace persecution on account of our Faith & what it's like being a bride of Christ -- you know, the usual blogger stuff -- without hairy, drunken, shirtless men pressing themselves against our torsos. Thank you, sir, for coming down. It was a pleasure to meet you; I hope we can do this again.

While I'm going through the mailbag, I also extend a hearty thanks to loyal Nancy-Cons Rittenhouse Review for introducing me to uber-patriot Shelley the Republican, and thank Beancounter Pam for her not-so-recent flattery. So keep those cards & letters coming and I'll respond by decade's end. Praise Him!


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