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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to beat the high cost of sodomy

Homosexuality is not only morally hazardous to Our Nation, it is also economically ruinous:
The megachurch founded by the Rev. Ted Haggard, who was fired over drug and sex allegations, has laid off 44 people amid falling income following the scandal.

The cuts announced during services Sunday amount to about 12 percent of the church's work force, associate pastor Rob Brendle said.

Brendle estimated that church income has fallen 10 percent since the scandal last fall, forcing layoffs including pastoral staff, support staff and nursery workers.
Mind you, this man diddled only one other dude and his homosexuality was totally curable, and still 44 people lost their jobs. When you consider those figures at the macro level, that's millions of people losing their jobs on account of gay sex every day. Maybe if The Left were more concerned about solid economic theory instead of scoring cheap ideological points against Our President, they'd look into this phenomenon and ban homosexuality once and for all. Praise Him!

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