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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hell's native tongue

My missionary work (i.e. this blog) is premised on the following Belief: The Christianizing effects of Beauty will, when advanced militarily, serve as the Winks that firmly seals the world's legs together while neutralizing security threats against Our Nation from the evildoing likes of Muslims, homos, and liberal bloggers. The universal language of Beauty will become the Language of Freedom, as millions of women throughout the Arab world will learn to exalt a Christian God by casting off their veils and heavily applying lip liner and rouge. But as one unfortunate woman found out, this language also happens to be English-only:
A bilingual Santa Ana hairstylist was fired after a dispute with her supervisor over rules requiring her to speak English at a retirement community salon.

Gloria Maldonado, 51, said she worked at the salon at Town and Country Manor for four years, cutting hair for senior citizens who lived at the complex. She also styled hair for a handful of outside customers, including a friend who spoke little English.

Maldonado, who came to Santa Ana 35 years ago from Mexico, said she argued with the salon manager in February after she was asked not to speak Spanish in front of Town and Country residents.

"I said to her, if someone comes in speaking Spanish, do I have to refuse them service? I'm here to make a living like everyone else," Maldonado said. "Right now, I feel like this is discrimination."
My money says the moonbats will dismiss this as nothing more thinly veiled racism against Mexicans, but it's more than that. What The Left is trying to gloss over is that this woman speaks Spanish. Spain's dirty little secret is that it was once ruled by Muslims, and while Spain has supposedly been caliphate-free for 500 years, the taint remains, as nearly 4000 Spanish words still betray their Arabic origins. To tolerate this in those tabernacles of Christianity, your local unisex beauty parlor, is to invite a thousand 9/11's upon ourselves. As the evidence clearly shows, the Reconquista of your salon is the first step towards dhimmitude, and only the deportation of all Spanish-speaking beauticians (including my slave-driving harridan of a boss, Conchita) will save America from ruin. Praise Him!



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