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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cut & color & condom

Sex "education" has a long and ignoble history of turning its pupils against Christian Values and into thrill-seeking hosebeasts. These fresh recruits think they are entitled to fornicate without the risk of AIDS or pregnancy and quickly become homosexuals who join the Communist Party, congregate in elitist coastal enclaves, and persecute us Christians with their sexually outré sitcoms. That America's classrooms are forced to devote valuable classroom hours to this filth, yet don't have any room in the curricula to mention how Our Savior gave His life so that America could be a free country, is a national disgrace beyond measure. Liberals hold absolutely nothing save their own twisted ideology (which they jettison as soon as it becomes convenient) in regard, and view seemingly everything Holy with the basest of contempt.

So it came as little surpise to see that The Left has converted the most sacred of us Christian women's Devotional shrines, beauty parlors, into their perverted re-education camps, and in Tio Fidel's Cuba, no less:
Sex, cheating husbands, AIDS … That’s the talk at Havana’s Aphrodite Beauty Parlor and it’s enough to curl your hair.

The salon — located in Cerro, a dense urban district with the fourth-highest incidence of HIV infection on the island — is really a store-front health center in disguise. ...

She sold her idea to Cuba’s health ministry, convinced allies in the battle against AIDS to join her, and found $50,000 in funding from U.N. agencies. Even before they finished fixing up an abandoned beauty parlor, women began lining up at the door.

"The beauty parlor is really a pretext to educate women about dangers in their lives," said Santa Cruz. "Here, we are more interested in teaching women about safe sex than fixing their hair."
Where is the Outrage??? People, the UN is funding sex-ed courses in Cuba's beauty parlors in a transparent plot whose ultimate goal is the complete and utter vanquishment of America by her most determined foes: Reds, Muslims, illegal immigrants, feminists, homos, and non-observant Jews (Go Israel!).

You may think, "It can't happen here," but I had a chill of recognition as I wrote this tonight: The "information" the Cuban blasphemers are trying to impart is probably no different from the winking innuendo of some of our more promiscuous stylists here at the Beauty Palace torture me with every Monday morning: "Oh, Nancy Beth, I could have eaten him up with a spoon!" If these Cubans think they know oppression now, just wait until they're the last Christian standing in that beauty shop. Praise Him!

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