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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Little red fotonovela

Illegal immigrants have managed to get their peanut butter on sex education's chocolate, and the result is predictably Outrageous -- a comic book glorifying the child sex trade:
It starts out like most fotonovelas, Latino comic books with themes often centered on love and betrayal: Teenage "Yaneth" is at a picnic when she spots handsome, raven-haired "David." ...

A few pages later, Yaneth is not smiling. She is in a car alone with David, who turns out to be a man in his late 20s. He is demanding sex and 14-year-old Yaneth is scared.

The Virginia Department of Health hopes readers will want to find out what happens next to Yaneth, and to many real life Latina teens like her.

The department spent two years developing the comic book to combat statutory rape -- the crime of an adult having sex with a minor -- among Hispanic girls.

Authorities believe Latinas are at higher risk of becoming victims because of their limited understanding of American laws and cultural mores condoning May-December relationships. ...

Most Latinos do not condone "viejos verdes," Spanish slang for older men who prey on girls.

But in the rural Latin-American towns where many immigrants originate, it's not uncommon for a man to date a girl, especially if he's a family friend, said Carmina Oaks, executive director of the Latino Resource Center, in Jackson, Wyoming. Police there have seen more than a dozen statutory rape cases in recent years, most involving Latina victims.
Mark my words: the result of this effort is going to be an even larger influx of horny illegal immigrants demanding pornographic comic books as part of their government entitlements package. That The Left would even dangle bait like this to lure these sorts of perverts shows how unseriously they take the problem of Our Nation's porous borders. Why, again, should we trust them on national security matters?

As a solution to the problem of statutory rape in immigrant communities, this Disneyfied porn is doing these girls a grave disservice. Studies have repeatedly shown that candid discussion of the situations teenage girls may encounter has the same aphrodisiac effect on them as two hits of Spanish fly followed by an Ecstasy chaser: Mothers, lock up your sons. The only Moral solution is to avoid any mention to this dirty business altogether and institute an abstinence-only education program, preferably one that draws heavily from The Bible. I've always found the Immaculate Conception to be an especially "teachable moment," so if we can instill the belief into these young women that not even maintaining their virginity can safeguard against unexpected pregnancy, we will have done these young ladies a tremendous favor. Before we ship them out of the country, that is. Praise Him!

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