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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Black-enough power

There's always one flag The Left won't burn.

I myself had never understood MSM's endless dithering on about whether Barack Obama is black enough for the American voting public. From my perspective, he's plenty black, thank you very much -- end of story. But then the horrible realization dawned on me: The argument over Obama's shade of negritude is the smokescreen behind which MSM is hiding his deadly agenda of Cut-n-Run and Blaming America First. Thanks to the ace reportage of my Prayer Warriors at OneNewsNow, I now see that Obama's contempt for Uncle Sam comes from swearing his allegiances to Mother Africa.It so turns out that Barack Obama is your standard-issue Militant Black Nationalist!
Presidential candidate Barack Obama's home church in Chicago pushes a black separatist agenda, says columnist, author and speaker Erik Rush. According to the conservative Christian writer, Senator Obama's congregation -- Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago -- "is not simply Afrocentric, it's African-centric."

Rush says when visiting Trinity's website, he was disturbed to learn that Trinity United Church of Christ professes a commitment to the "Black Family," the "Black Community," and the "Black Work Ethic," and "pledge[s] allegiance to all Black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Values System." ...

One could argue that Obama's church "worships things African to a far greater degree than they do Christ," Rush contends. Meanwhile, he says the writings and speech of Trinity United's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, appear to be more Marxist than Christian.
Just think of the horrible "reparations" that await Our Nation: a return to that negative image of slavery (whereby whites are exploited by blacks) better known as enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, swapping our cherished National Anthem with the angry gangsta rap of Harry Belafonte, and the first presidential portrait prominently featuring an afro pick. Oh, the horror. But what's worse is that this is actually preferable to the tyrannical reign of black militarism we can expect under his opponent, Hillary "Soul on Ice" Clinton.

Barack Obama was brainwashed into militant Islam at his childhood madrassa, uses his position as an elected official to enhance his stock portfolio, is a parking ticket scofflaw, and he smokes tobacco (among possible other substances). That's four more warnings than we received about Bill Clinton, and look how that turned out. I'm not sure what other horrible revelations about him await, but we Christians ignore them at our own peril. Praise Him!



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