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Monday, March 26, 2007

Openly thespian

By my reckoning, Hollywood hasn't given Conservative America a film we could cheer since Michael Sarrazin popped a cap into the skull of that commie traitor bitch, Jane Fonda, at the end of They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Prayer Warrior Michael Medved seems to have come to a similar realization, because he's ditched the treasonous world of cinema and is focusing his penetrating gaze on legitimate theater. Perhaps he sees the possibilities for Spiritual renewal that a theater based on the Sacred arts of cosmetology offers to Our Nation:
The plot centers on a popular, all-female TV talk show called “Three Talking Heads” that bears more than a passing resemblance to “The View” on ABC, and features narcissistic hosts nearly as obnoxious as Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar and company. The prima donnas who host this vapid vehicle (Adina Schwartz, Aviva Ginzburg and Michal Schick) display arrogant and abusive behavior to the frightened, earnest make-up girl, Nattie (Sarah Medved), who silently suffers their contempt in time-honored Cinderella style, and wants only to present them in the best possible light. A fairy godmother arrives to precipitate a shocking and tragic backstage development that also serves to transform shy, hard-working Nattie from serving girl to media princess, with thousands of followers ready to proclaim her nothing less than The Messiah, despite her protests.
Hmmm... an aspiring beautician who is persecuted by her "superiors" and who comes to be heralded as the Messiah: I am so there. I can say without hesitation (or even seeing the play -- it only muddies my sense of editorial detachment) that this could quite possibly be the Greatest Play Ever.

Unfortunately, art that stakes such bold claims for God, Beauty & Country is bound to catch a lot of flak from The Left, and the Truthers have come out with both barrels blazing. I should note that the propaganda organ this "review" comes from is Yeshiva University, which, if I recall correctly, is the same school where a cross-dressing Barbra Streisand fornicated her way to the top of her class (or maybe that was this one). No matter -- take the following with a grain of salt :
"Made Up" Goes Nowhere

If one thing can be said for this show, it is that the set design was gorgeous. ... It leads one to wonder what the rest of the cast and crew were doing while the tech was practicing putting up and taking down the set. Perhaps the technicians were practicing set-changes on the stage too frequently to allow any rehearsal time for the cast.
Grapes don't get much more sour than that, particularly when you're introducing the freshest young break-out talent since Michael Reagan took the world by storm:
Meanwhile, by far the biggest asset for “Made Up” involves an altogether dazzling star turn by its luminous, 20-year-old lead actress, Sarah Medved. I’ve hesitated in writing this review because my relationship with this performer (yup, she’s my oldest daughter) brings unwelcome whiffs of nepotism to even the most richly deserved praise.
Nepotism is such an ugly word. I'd much rather think of it as selecting the finest candidates from Freedom's employment agency, only now they seem to have ventured into casting. There may be hope for Hollywood yet. Praise Him!



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