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Monday, March 19, 2007

With age comes treason

As Michael Savage so eloquently put it, liberalism is a mental disorder, and if you needed any proof of how deeply indistinguishable The Left's political views are from, say, senility, just check out CNN's latest "poll":
As the war in Iraq steadily plummets in popularity, opposition has grown mostly among Americans older than 50 and Democrats, survey results released Monday show.

When President Bush announced March 19, 2003, that U.S.-led forces had begun military attacks, 15 percent of Americans 50 and older strongly opposed the invasion, compared to 18 percent younger than 50.

Four years later, the fighting is opposed by 52 percent of Americans 50 and older, and by 42 percent younger than 50.
I've been desperately racking my brain, trying to unlock the mystery of why these codgers have so shamelessly turned their back on Freedom. Perhaps the Greatest Generation has embraced the teachings of Dinesh D'Souza, and they believe that with the triumph of Islam, America will be restored to a pre-1960's state of bliss in which they can once again enjoy the melodious strains of Glenn Miller and his orchestra (albeit now with a mild Arabic inflection) without having to yell at the neighbor kids to turn down that gawd-awful hippie racket and get a haircut. Temptation of that sort is certainly understandable, as any world without moonbats is a better one than the one we have presently.

A more likely scenario, however, is that America's seniors have figured out a way to use their Part D Medicare benefits on mind-altering street drugs like PCP and heroin... and are probably dealing with the Taliban directly! Quite frankly, their betrayal of America sickens me, and the only remaining way they can show that they shouldn't be shipped off to Manzanar to allow the privatization of their benefits programs. Praise Him!

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