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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I was a teenage Barbra Streisand

Liberals love to feign revulsion when terrorists exploit children as packmules for their explosives in the Middle East. The sad truth of the matter, though, is that these traitors are guilty of practically the same thing here in America. I extend my deepest thanks to Prayer warriors Citizenlink, who inform us that radical homosexual activists are regularly sneaking dynamite of a different sort into the offices of Our Nation's lawmakers:
Young People Lobby in Favor of Homosexual Issues

from staff reports

State capitols are the target.

Gay-activist groups are recruiting kids to be the new face of their lobbying campaigns in state houses around the country.

In many state capitols, self-identified gay young people are already working to influence legislators.
For all their bitching about Rove's "dirty tricks," liberals sure know how to land one below the belt. Barely pubescent teenagers are like kryptonite to the party of Family Values: The last time somebody dangled one of these little gamin temptresses in front of a legislator, the Republicans lost 23 seats. The thought of this playing out fifty times at the state level is more than I can bear. There ought to be a congressional inquiry into such bald-faced electoral manipulation.

What's so tragic about this situation is that these children aren't even gay -- at least not entirely, not yet:
But Dr. Bill Maier, psychologist in residence at Focus on the Family, said most of the kids are too young to state with confidence that they are gay.

“Several studies indicate that it’s not until at least the end of the teen years or the early 20s that a person really gets a handle on their sexual orientation,” he told Family News in Focus.

They are certainly confused, Maier said, and that makes them east to manipulate by gay activists.
There are many enticements that can seduce somebody into joining the homosexual lifestyle: Social networking sites, sexually explicit cartoons, and Pottery Barn catalogs are among the most common, at least in my experience. Fortunately, all is not yet lost. There are any number of ways to fortify a child's waning heterosexuality. Mothers can insist their daughters wear skirts; fathers can toss the old pigskin around with their sons or get naked and shower with them. Who's to say that these little hussies aren't really straight after all, they just haven't showered enough with their parents? A steady regimen of co-parental bathing will certainly undo any mental damage popular culture may have inflicted on them, so lather up, Christians. Praise Him!



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