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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good news club

While I always welcome the opportunity to Witness for the persecution we Christians in America routinely face, I wouldn't dream of passing up the opportunity to spread some Good News. I, like most of you, have long puzzled over how to best respond to the endless liberal bleating over global warming. After undertaking an exhaustive review of the scientific evidence presented by the expert climatologists at Human Events, I've determined that (1) global warming isn't happening, and (2) this global warming that isn't happening is caused by increased solar activity, which may or may not be happening either... I can't tell. But that comes from looking at the glass as half-empty. Thanks to my Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow, I am happy to share the up side of rapid climate change -- it signals the coming of The Rapture!
Here's what happened. When God threw Adam and Eve out of the garden after their sin, the earth was also cursed with a curse. (Read it in Genesis 3:17-19.) The ground, the earth was cursed because of the corruption of sin that was placed upon it by Adam and Eve.

Now, all of creation is groaning for the redemption that is to come with the coming again of Jesus Christ to the earth to set all things right!

That's the Bible answer to what's happening with the crazy weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, et al. It's the creation crying out for God the Father to set all things right, just like He promised in Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, Matthew and other places in His Word that He would!
Glory! That certainly explains why liberals are so keen on stopping global warming: because they hate Jesus! Try as they might, they can't put off the final reckoning for long. And when that day comes, I plan to drive my Escalade to that wonderful Exxon station in the sky. Praise Him!

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