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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The silent holocaust

He's got your eyes.

Sister Nancy Beth doffs her habit to Idaho, who joins the growing number of states trying to turn their happy go-lucky tramps into unhappy single mothers. The strategy for doing so is making them view ultrasound pictures of the fruits of their harlotry:
Idaho recently became the ninth state to order doctors to provide abortion-minded women ultrasound images of their preborn child before having the procedure.

The state law, signed by Gov. Butch Otter on March 27, ensures that women have access to as much information about their preborn baby as possible. Experts say providing women with an ultrasound image of their child makes following through with an abortion much less likely.

Bryan Fischer, executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance, explained that the mandate is an amendment to the state’s parental-consent law.

“We think that’s very important medical information for every woman to have in that situation," he said. "Fortunately, our Legislature agreed, and the governor signed it into law.”
It also gives them a sense of the Majesty of the Almighty. Nothing fills teen skanks with Awe for the Glory of Creation like snapshots of their innards. If you really want to turn them into true Christian Patriots, you should show them some footage of Ronald Reagan's colonoscopy while you're at it.

As much as I support this step, I'm afraid it really doesn't go far enough to stop the slaughter of millions of pre-born Americans. Every day, untold numbers of our potential fellow citizens are snuffed out Kleenexes in the wanton act of male masturbation. Liberals and their affiliated pervert interest groups claim that this behavior is protected under the "right" to "privacy." But when you consider the literal ground we are losing to the rabbit-like fertility of illegal immigrants, Muslims, and Mary Cheney, it's time for National Security to trump "civil liberties" for once.

The solution is simple: Every male who is considering masturbating will be required to view magnified images of spermatozoa at a local clinic, while the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's God Bless America plays in the background. He will be sent home with a 4-color brochure explaining the myriad health risks of masturbation (depression, cancer, chafing, calluses). If the man decides he wants to go through with the procedure, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled 24 hours later, at which point he will be provided with latex gloves and a Time-Life book on Papua New Guinea.

As oppressed as men are in Our Nation, they should not view this as further gender-based Persecution at the hand of feminists. Unfortunately, the calculus of reproduction and illegal immigration makes this a national crisis that requires immediate governmental intervention. While a woman who has chosen not to repopulate America with Americans kills just one Ovum-American per month, the average male "session" results in the wholesale slaughter of 250 million Spermatozoa-Americans. To put it in legal terms: It's one count of manslaughter versus one count of genocide.

Studies show that in one week alone, the average 14 year old can offset a year's worth of illegal immigration from the nations of El Salvador and Honduras combined. Please choose Life while keeping America strong by making Our Nation's men informed of the precious cargo inside them. Future generations will thank all of us. Praise Him!

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