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Saturday, April 14, 2007

the latest additions to the no-fly list

Still at large?

The figleaf behind which The Left hides its intense hatred for America is the "rationale" that the American occupation of Iraq is radicalizing those Muslims who would otherwise be happy living in their backwards countries, wearing bathrobes out it public, and practicing their false religion. All this talk about the "Religion" "of" "Peace" is just so much smoke they blow to obscure the one fact they'd prefer you not find out until it's too late: The Left's hyperbolic rhetoric is creating an army of terrorists here at home. Consider the recent attack against Vice President Cheney, who by the Grace of Our Heavenly Father has survived yet another attempt on his life:
Air Force Two carrying Vice President Dick Cheney struck a bird as the plane neared O'Hare International Airport on Friday.

The aircraft landed safely. Mechanics checked the plane while Cheney spoke at the Heritage Foundation's annual leadership conference, but the incident did not delay his departure from the airport to return to Washington.

"A bird hit the right engine of the plane upon landing," said Megan McGinn, a spokeswoman for Cheney. "He was told after he delivered his remarks."
It's abundantly clear the Tourette's-like stream of invective that environmentalists (and their allies in the MSM and the liberal blogosphere) direct at the Bush Administration is what incited this bird to commit this suicide attack. The real question is: How many more are waiting in the wings? As long as liberals are allowed to spew their deadly propaganda under some First Amendment loophole, Our Nation must expect terrorist offensives of this sort.

President Bush thought by fighting them over there, we wouldn't be fighting them over here. And while I remain a true believer in all the other justifications he's given for the Iraq war, this incident shows how tragically wrong he was on that count. But as the success of the surge shows, it's never too late for Our President to take some of his Bold and Decisive Action® in the Global War on Terror. Let's hope he still has the political capital to enact security measures commensurate with the threat liberals pose, for Freedom's sake. Praise Him!

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