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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fables of the Reconquista

Tostada al-Sadr

As illegal immigrants flood the streets of Our Nation and terrorize the white citizenry with their demands for special treatment like the right to commit DUIs or to work in sweatshops without fear of deportation, Prayer warriors OneNewsNow provide a timely reminder about the embarrassing background of one of this movement's icons. Che Guevara, most recently spotted by Michelle Malkin on the t-shirts of the suspiciously pigmented, is not only a bloodthirsty tyrant on par with Pol Pot, Stalin, or the Clintons, he's also the inventor of the sort of terrorism frequently practiced by The Left:
Yet somehow, Guevara is viewed as a saint and selfless martyr by liberals, the author observes. He says of Guevara, "Worldwide, he is the most recognized emblem of anti-Americanism -- how cool can you possibly get, right? -- and that automatically endears him to a certain mentality."

Nevertheless, Fontova asserts, it is no exaggeration to state that Guevara, who was captured and killed nearly 40 years ago, was the godfather of modern terrorism. The author says he hopes his new book will help dispel the myth about this Cuban cult figure who is so idolized by the American left.
Who's to say how many of the 9/11 hijackers were proudly wearing their Che t-shirts on that infamous day? Or more importantly, how many of today's hooligans themselves won't be piloting commercial aircraft into a downtown skyline? As this invaluably informative piece shows, the ever-deepening links between militant Islam and illegal immigration require that today's rabble-rousers be viewed as the threat to Freedom they truly pose. While the Democratic "majority" may prevent the widespread enactment of the sort of law enforcement policies that are most effective in handling the threat of terrorism, we should at least try to force Osama's eager young recruits to instead wear Ronald Reagan t-shirts, at least until the rule of Law is restored in America. Praise Him!

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