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Monday, May 21, 2007

Saving public education

There are days when I think the expression "God and Country" constitutes the top two targets of The Left's hit list, rather than being the credo by which the Constitution decrees all of the citizens of Our Nation to live. Case in point is the latest frivolous lawsuit filed by the Anti-Christian Lesbians Union of Texas, which alleges a high school course that teaches that the godless (and by extension, Democrats) are going to Hell is somehow factually incorrect, despite the avalanche of compelling scholarship presented in sources such as The Omen movies. I extend my deepest thanks to my Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow for alerting me to this latest Outrage:
The parents claim the district-approved course -- "The Bible in History and Literature," which uses the King James Version of the Bible -- violates their religious liberty by promoting particular religious beliefs to children in their community. Associated Press quotes one of the plaintiffs, a Presbyterian deacon, who believes public schools "are no place for religious indoctrination that promotes certain beliefs that not all the kids in the school share."

Hiram Sasser is with the Liberty Legal Institute, which is advising the school district. He says the Ector County schools are not doing anything wrong.

"The ACLU and people of that ilk, they just hate the Bible so much that they fundamentally disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court in its suggestion to be able to teach a Bible course in a secular way," Sasser asserts. "That's not even good enough for them. They just don't want the Bible to even go into the schoolhouse gates at all," he says.
I encountered similar hostility in beauty school, when I lobbied vociferously to have a Fundamentals of Christian Glamour course added to the curriculum of Martinelli's School of Beauty. Even a course as rich in educational and civic benefits as this one was anathema to those ivory tower Marxists, who were more than eager to discount the millenia of personal grooming tips contained in The Bible in order to satiate their immense hatred for Christianity and America.

As if there isn't enough porn already on the Internets, the ACLU has decided to degrade our political discourse further by posting this hardcore filth on their website. I was particularly struck by the following allegation:
41. For example, the Bible Course as taught at Permian High School relies on resources from WallBuilders, an organization whose self-described mission includes "educating the nation concerning the Godly foundation of our country" and "providing information to federal, state, and local officals as they develop public policies which reflect Biblical values." The NCBCPS curriculum, for example, recommends a showing of the WallBuilders' video production, "Foundations of American Government," which concludes that "[e]very moral measurement shows the same statistical departure: No religious principles, no morality."
In the interest of jazzing things up a bit, I've taken the liberty of adding a graphical representation of the relationship between religious principle and morality (click to enlarge):

As you can see, the abandonment of religious principles and morality has disastrous consequences for Our Nation. Let us pray that Justice may prevail so that The Word can continue to reach the heathens of America's public schools. Praise Him!

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