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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ever since The Left managed to inextricably link home permanents and false eyelashes with free & easy sex, Our Nation's Virtue has been in a state of free fall. Rather than the tools of penitence that allow us Fallen daughters of Eve to atone for the sins of womanhood, they've been turned into implements of Satan. It's gotten to the point that I can't even walk past a news stand without some magazine cover offering to "sexx me up" with 5 easy hairdo tips -- thanks, but no thanks.

Hollywood is the serial offender when it comes to abusing the Sacred art of cosmetology to further its subversive agenda of abortion, anal sex, and non-observant Judaism, so imagine my horror when I learned that heathen Chinee-abetting, jihad-loving, troop-hating Google decided to join the fray:and mock God's Word:
The work day has just begun yet some Google employees are already taking a break to get a haircut in the Internet leader's parking lot. Rather than lamenting the distraction, Google encourages it.

Every day three refitted Winnebago mobile homes roll into famed Silicon Valley high-tech companies such as Yahoo, eBay, Cisco Systems and Genentech.

The service by Onsite Haircuts illustrates Silicon Valley's distinctive work culture and is welcomed as firms seek to motivate workers and give them a sense of community. Ultimately, experts say, such an environment boosts productivity.
Outrageous -- how dare they trample on our most cherished religious Beliefs, all in the advancement of their perverted liberal agenda! That they can do so -- and be LAUDED for it by the MSM -- shows how Persecuted we Christians truly are here in America. I've long advocated that a morals clause and loyalty oath be administered as a component of cosmetology licensing process, as well as that hairdressers, manicurists, and affiliated glamourcrafts tradespeople have the right to refuse to serve those we find morally objectionable. Not only would these Freedoms prevent abominations like this from happening, it would go a long ways in restoring morality in America. Praise Him!

* Term coined by Nancy-Con emeritus Esperanto Manimal.



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