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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Camp x-ray

One could argue the subjugation of Christians to the Godless mandates of Islam hasn't become a reality in America -- yet. However, dhimmitude is a fact of life for people in the more backwards regions of the globe where Christianity never really got a foothold, like Nigeria and Minnesota. And while I'd like to think that Our Nation's Christian heritage can prevent a similar fate from befalling this country, Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow inform us of a possible jihad being waged against Christians on American soil, and on a military base, no less:
The wife of a soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, says she doesn't think her children and other people on base should have to hear Muslim prayers being broadcast five times a day.

The Army claims it is being done to prepare troops heading to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sarah Holler's husband has been stationed at Fort Riley for about five years. However, she says two months ago she felt as though she had somehow been transported to the Middle East as she heard Muslim prayers blaring out over loudspeakers on post five times a day.

"My kids are subjected to it, I'm subjected to it, and spouses and soldiers that aren't getting deployed are being subjected to it," Holler points out. "And one of my concerns is actually that soldiers who have already been deployed to Iraq are coming home and hearing it in their own country," she says.
There, there, Miss -- from what I hear, soldiers aren't coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan, at least not any time soon, so there's no need for her to waste her beautiful mind worrying about that. However, I understand the difficulty a Christian parent faces in this situation. These constant entreaties for her children to worship a false god must present overwhelming temptation for them to jettison their Faith and embrace Sin in all its depravity -- much like that weekend I got free HBO. I haven't given out a virtual tissue in a while, but I am so moved by Sarah's plight that this one's going out just for her:

You would think an offense this egregious would have a pretty good explanation, but it pains me to say that the Army's justification rings more than a bit hollow:
Deb Skidmore, who is with the Public Affairs Office at the Army post near Manhattan, Kansas, says in June 2006 Fort Riley was tasked with training transition teams going to Iraq and Afghanistan, and those soldiers must be immersed in the Islamic culture.

"Signs are in Arabic," Skidmore notes. "They also have them in English so that [soldiers] can learn what place they need to go, but it's in Arabic," she says. Meanwhile, she notes, "role players are all over that area of the post who are acting as if they are Afghanis or Iraqis. They give them different situations to react to."
And I suppose that's why so many billboards and street names here in Los Angeles are in Spanish, because we're being prepped to fight the Mexicans, right? If we weren't winning the Global War on Terror (which we totally are, like 20 to 1), I'd be tempted to say that acquiescence to radical Islam (i.e. "understanding the culture") is why we're losing. If anything, those speakers should be blaring calls for Christian prayer, or Toby Keith, or something. Praise Him!

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