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Thursday, November 03, 2005

No more tears (enough is enough)

I hope everyone is wearing their waterproof mascara today, since those savage liberals are even more indiscriminate in where they've been firing their poison-tipped quills. Boi From Troy deserves an entire box of Sister Nancy Beth's virtual tissues (now with aloe!) after narrowly surviving their typical thuggery:
Unfortunately, if you are even the slightest bit critical of labor, they portray you as an extremist who wants to see them undone–and in the comments, I suffered the same mendacious attacks as the Governor is getting from those who claim to represent nurses and teachers.
All he said was:
I personally believe that Unions are responsible for most of the problems in California–from our sluggish economy burdened by employment laws they have forced upon us, to out-of-control spending which is putting the State further in debt, and so on.
Why do these unions take everything so personally?

Another tissue goes to Rick Santorum, who must once again endure the unmitigated cruelty of homosexual radicals:

A national political group for gays is staging mock "retirement parties" for Sen. Rick Santorum as part of a campaign to defeat the high-ranking Republican next year. ...

Organizers say their main goal is to energize rank-and-file activists for next year's campaigns and the 2008 presidential election.

When homosexuals organize, Christians suffer. Just remember Sister Nancy Beth will always be there to dry those tears.


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