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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sister Nancy Beth's virtual tissue

I figured I'd put this surplus of emotion to good use by giving out virtual tissues to those most in need of Sister Nancy Beth's consolation. I'm toying with the idea of awarding these on a weekly basis, since my compassion, much like Christ's, is infinite. But that seems to commit me to blogging on weekends, so expect to see these given out as circumstances warrant -- just be sure you're wearing waterproof mascara.

The first virtual tissue goes to Michael Steele, who was the victim of an internet hate crime by Whore of Heresy Steve Gilliard. Mr. Gilliard operates under the misconception that black people can call out their fellow blacks for their craven acts of racism, when the truth of the matter is that, today, racism is something most acutely experienced by white conservatives; ultimately they are the best judges of these matters. There, there, Michael, Sister Nancy Beth hands you this virtual tissue to dry your eyes.Posted by Picasa

[Sunday afternoon tinkering, for those of you who pay attention to these matters]