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Friday, October 21, 2005

Prayer circle jamboree

It's time to once again see what's shaking with my Prayer Warriors.

  • La Shawn Barber alerts us to another of the guises Satan takes: AP reporters falsely promising to interview bloggers.

  • Boi From Troy compares the anguish of his appendectomy to getting an abortion, and decides that those teen harlots should have to wait 48 hours after parental notification to get their abortions.

  • Michelle Malkin tips us off to the genocidal rants of prominent liberal academic Kamau Kambon (who, if memory serves, sat with Jimmy Carter at the Democrats' 2004 convention). She quips, "If there were such thing as a truly fair and balanced media, you'd have already seen as many stories about Kambon's comments as there were about Bill Bennett's comments, which were taken wildly out of context." Amen, Sister Michelle!

  • Andrew Sullivan may oppose torturing prisoners, but syntax is clearly fair game.