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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Prayer circle jamboree

This is coming to you a wee bit earlier than I planned, since I need the next two days off for moving, and Conchita graciously gave them to me. But enough about that. Let's see what Sister Nancy Beth's Prayer Warriors are up to.
  • Agape Press informs us that the ministry named in honor of Clare Boothe Luce (authoress of sacred text The Women!) objects to the Harriet Miers' nomination, presumably because she isn't as well groomed as their board of directors. Harriet, get those raggedy cuticles to Sidneys, and ask for Olga.

  • BoiFromTroy is surprised to learn not all selfish hedonists are as eager to fellate Governor Schwarzenegger as he is.

  • Over at National Review, Michael Ledeen explains how you can do your part to stamp out Islamofascism: Play soccer. Sister Nancy Beth would add this caveat, which must have been edited out of Michael's piece: Don't wear Adidas when you play, because that's the favored garb of European homos and Harlem pimps.

  • Also at National Review, Katherine Jean Lopez laments what a setback for women it is that President Bush nominated Geena Davis to the Supreme Court.
Something tells me that blogging, while sitting chest-deep in boxes, will be a low priority, so that's it from me until Monday. At that time, I will be reporting back to you not only as a devoted bride of Christ, but also a genuine housewife of Christ. I sure hope Jesus likes tuna-noodle casserole.