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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sister Nancy Beth's WAC-attack

Sister Nancy Beth can't help but think that the devout Christians at WorldNetDaily have figured out how to keep the GWOT chugging along with a steady stream of fresh patriots. First we read this:
Joel Henry Hinrichs III, 21, an engineering major at the school blew himself up outside OU's football stadium during Saturday night's game against Kansas State. Doug Hagmann, a seasoned investigator, told WND he was informed by multiple reliable law-enforcement sources familiar with the investigation into the incident that authorities recovered a "significant amount" of "jihad" materials, as well as Hinrichs' computer.
And then there's this:

The Miami Herald reports that Army Secretary Noel Harvey, as well as Gen. Richard Cody, the vice chief of staff, announced yesterday at the annual convention of the Association of the U.S. Army the service will adopt less stringent Department of Defense rules so it can sign up more high-school dropouts and others who scored lower on mental qualification tests.

... Cody said the Army planned to try to enlist more recruits with General Education Diplomas, or GEDs – granted instead of high school diplomas to those who pass an examination – but denied the move was a lowering of standards.

Obviously, MSM & its sympathizers will go off on another of their baseless tangents in which they speculate that President Bush's bold conquest in Iraq is somehow deterring America's best & brightest from entering the armed forces. However, it's quite evident from the first story that even venerable institutions like OU can't keep their impressionable young charges from turning into self-immolating jihadis after listening to all that poisonous anti-American rhetoric coming from the country's engineering departments. The security of America necessitates that we get our recruits from a different pool.

I am working towards my GED and only have 8 more tapes to listen to before I take and mail in the self-test and become (fingers crossed!) the equivalent of a high school graduate. Recruiters, please feel free to woo me with your best offers.