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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We've got the neutron bomb

Sister Nancy Beth generally regards homosexuality as practiced by the likes of prime-time sitcom characters a moral cancer. However, in particular, I consider the actual man-on-man buttsex that happens in real life nothing short of moral ebola. To tolerate this vile practice is to risk having grandmothers, school children, babies, and even kittens suffer a horrific death of hemorrhaging from the eyes and anus. Something tells me Prayer Warrior Gay Patriot shares my beliefs on this point, and is even cooking up his own plan using homosexuality as a weapon to win the GWOT. Compare his past campaign to subjugate the fate of American homosexuals to the whims of the RNC with his ongoing campaign to promote homosexuality in the Muslim world:
From the annals of Another Gay Republican comes this look at being gay in Arab countries.

Arab Gays - AGR

)From AP article) “But more Arabs are coming out as gays, or at least coming to terms with their sexuality, even though in some countries they face laws that can land them in jail and extremists who beat them up because Islam condemns homosexuality.

On top of that, homosexuality is widely seen as a disease spread by the U.S. and Israel to corrupt Arabs and undermine their religious faith.”
AGR wonders if we as gay Americans can be recognized for our contribution.
Sister Nancy Beth supports this line of thought: Nation-decaying rights for them Muslim homos, second class citizenship for America's homos. Praise Him, Brother Bruce!