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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The news that shapes your tresses

Sister Nancy Beth is always intrigued to see the intersection of cosmetology and politics. Take, for instance, the recent announcement that Al Qaeda's hairdresser had finally been caught. Some of you may scoff at the reports, but that shows a tremendous lack of understanding of the fundamental power of glamour. Nothing reinforces my belief that all Americans employed in the cosmetological arts should takes vows to uphold the Ten Commandments and most of the Constitution more than the fact that this person was possibly using rhinestone hairclips for evildoing. I only wish I were the President's own stylist, so he could nominate me as National Beauty Czar, and I could finally implement my vision for America.

Sister Nancy Beth is also excited to read that an unnamed White House official has adopted a timeless hairstyle. I'm on pins & needles until I get a gander at his or her new look.

(I got tired of stocking setting lotion, so I did some afternoon editing.)