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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bolsheviks with crucifixes

My register has been off for the past two days and I forgot to reschedule a client's appointment, so I've been trying to look especially busy here to get Conchita off my back. This meant another write-up, and the attendant lecture went something like, "Maybe if you paid more attention to your job and less attention to that computer, your till would balance." Oh yeah? Well maybe if you'd let the Lord into your heart, you wouldn't be such a hateful cow, you fat ugly bitch. I've seen less obvious dye jobs on skeins of yarn. All told, my drawer was less than $40.00 short, and that client was a lousy tipper, so good riddance. Just expect a low profile from me until common sense prevails around here.

Anyway, over the past couple of days, two articles about the Left's attempts to poison the institutions of the Right have popped up on my radar screen and deserve some airtime. The first concerns, unsurprisingly, Harriet Miers, and her attempted infiltration of the Supreme Court. As Concerned Women For America puts it:
“Harriet Miers has shown respect for Christian values by attending an Evangelical church. But her professional and civic life leaves us questioning whether she chooses to reflect and advance the views of the group she’s with at the moment. Though she attends an Evangelical church known for its pro-life position, during the same time period she advanced radical feminists and organizations that promote agendas that undermine respect for life and family,” said Wendy Wright. “This drives us to rely upon her actions, her deeds, her words as opposed to the endorsements of those who have worked with and known her.
Personally, I think the ladies at CWFA give Miers too much credit. My suspicion is that her passport has been stamped "Lesbos" a few times, if you catch my drift, and she and Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have spent their days playing footsy under the bench. Fortunately Miers has withdrawn her nomination, and with any luck we'll get a nominee whose use of eye makeup is more in sync with our nation's Christian values.

The other article comes from Agape Press and addresses the worldwide Communist takeover of the Catholic Church, with its dire effects here in our country:
One of these Leftist pet causes Kupelian describes as being among the liberals' biggest frauds. He refers to liberation theology, a controversial school of socialistic Roman Catholic religious thought that emphasizes social justice, human rights, political activism, and identification with the poor and oppressed. But the managing editor for WorldNetDaily says liberation theology, as he defines it, "basically is Marxism that's been dressed up as Christianity."

One result of this left-ward tendency in the Church, Kupelian suggests, is the moral corruption and decline of culture, with adverse fallout affecting law and public mores. For instance, he observes, "We keep electing non-Christian people, and we keep allowing all kinds of death-affirming rather than life-affirming laws and policies."
I had never made the connection between some misguided Jesuits harboring Communists from death squad-style justice in El Salvador and the rising demand for access to abortion on demand here in the US, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense: They're all planks in Satan's master plan. Hear me out, moonbats: Sister Nancy Beth is onto you. I don't think there are that many cultural institutions left that you haven't tainted, but I intend to defend them vigorously.