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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Food for thought

One of the biggest lies The Left would have us believe is that the influx of terrorists better known by its stage name, "Multiculturalism," somehow enriches Our Nation. Quite frankly, I'm still waiting to experience any of its benefits, as the cheap labor from Latin America, homosexuality from France, and democracy from Greece have done little but coarsen America's culture and tarnish her Glory in the eye of the Almighty. With any luck, the thwarted attack [thanks, torture!] on that figurative heart of American Manhood, Fort Dix, will dispel this foolish and self-destructive notion, as it underscores how our nonchalance towards immigration threatens the very safety of Our Nation:
The federal government Monday charged six alleged "Islamic radicals" with plotting to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. ...

One of the suspects was born in Jordan, another in Turkey, the attorney's office said. The rest are believed to be from the former Yugoslavia, "either U.S. citizens or living illegally in the United States." ...

According to the FBI affidavit, [defendant Serdar] Tatar had delivered pizzas to Fort Dix while working for his family's restaurant, and Shnewer said Tatar knew the base "like the palm of his hand."
The lesson is obvious: Had America stood her ground and not let those damn Italians into this country, pizza would remain an epicurean curiosity, and these deliverymen would have been unable to trangress the ramparts of this fortress unnoticed. And that's just one variant of the culinary terrorism we Americans live under the constant threat of, as the subsequent waves of migration have only compounded this problem a thousandfold. When I go home today, I will find on my screen door at least three take-out menus, all of which are trojan horses to lure us into inviting foreigners into our homes so they can case them for future terrorist attacks. Christians, we are under a state of siege. This is no melting pot, it's a melting plot, and attacks of this sort will be unavoidable as long as liberal elites continue to sneer at American cuisine and American values. Praise Him!

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