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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More blaspemy from The Left

Hello, Christians! Jesus & I had a busy weekend of protesting in Palm Springs, where the Outrages number in the hundreds, if not thousands. We served The Lord dutifully, but the combined effect of all that desert sun and our host's saltwater pool left my hair feeling like wire. Despite intensive first-aid and deep conditioning, my tresses remain on life-support, so I have sought the intercession of St. Jude. Please do not discount the power of Prayer and throw a few Hail Marys my way, if you are so inclined.

Unfortunately, Sin chose not to honor the troops by taking a long weekend, and my Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow alert me to the latest moonbat treachery. I don't think there's anything more offensive than the adoption of Our Christian Faith by a radical fringe out to advance its own partisan ends, but The Left has done it yet again:
An environmental group is under fire for using the account of Noah's Ark to try to bolster its claim that global warming will melt the poles and create floods of biblical proportions. Greenpeace International is constructing a replica of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey as "a warning to mankind to act now to prevent global warming."

The 32' x 13' x 13' wooden ship is being assembled some 8,200 feet above sea level by Greenpeace volunteers in an effort to underscore the environmentalist group's urgent appeal to leaders of all nations "to tackle global warming and the impending climate change crisis." One Greenpeace leader told Reuters News the Ark project is designed to spur politicians and world leaders into fighting what he describes as "the climate catastrophe" they "are primarily responsible for."
Even though what they're advocating conflicts with Scripture, it still doesn't keep The Left from suddenly getting religion when it conveniently meshes with some plank on their perverted agenda (compassion for the sick & elderly, ending the stoning of homosexuals, abolishing slavery, etc). Don't be fooled by their sudden onset of piety -- the real deal is the exclusive province of the Republican Party.

I guess what offends me so deeply about this latest ploy is that moonbats already have their own crappy religion, so why do they need to drag Christianity into this?
Marc Morano, a spokesman for the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, says environmentalism has now become a pseudo-religion. "If you look at the new eco-hotel," he notes, "and Reuters News wrote about this, Al Gore's book, [An Inconvenient Truth,] is actually being placed in the nightstand now instead of the Bible in these eco-friendly hotels.
History has shown repeatedly that when pagan beliefs are melded with Christianity, the resulting unholy gumbo (Voodoo, Santeria, Unitarianism, et al.) is long on animal sacrifice but short on actual Christian doctrine. In the final analysis, the only difference between these eco-"Christians" and their Satan-worshipping peers is that, when it comes time to hex your beloved Sister Nancy Beth, it will be a free-range chicken tied to my tailpipe, rather than what you get from your local botanica's freezer. Which is the greatest irony of all: The Left claims to be motivated by concern for the natural world, but in the end, the wildlife they've shed so many crocodile tears over are little more than props to be used in the ritual slaughters of their ghoulish death cult. Remember, the best way to save the environment from these charlatans is to maintain Our President's steady policy of strong defense, deregulation, drilling in ANWR, and heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Praise Him!

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