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Friday, September 28, 2007

There he goes again

John Edwards, immaculately tressed LIEberal hypocrite, had the temerity to campaign on the issue of poverty in Our Nation, even though he himself lives in a mansion the size of Utah and gets $400 haircuts. Evidently this buffoon hasn't learned his lesson, because just look at what he was telling people yesterday:
At an MTV/MySpace.com forum Thursday, Edwards responded to a question about inner-city kids partaking in violence by saying there was no “silver bullet” to fight the problem. ...

“We start with the president of the United States saying to America, ‘we cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem. And the idea that we can keep incarcerating and keep incarcerating — pretty soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead. One of the two.”
This is Outrageous. He isn't even black -- or incarcerated! Until John Edwards is ready to put his money where his mouth is and become an impoverished African-American felon, the interests of the less white people of Our Nation will continue to be better served by the Republican Party. Praise Him!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Lady of the Denunciations

The Left has given me anthrax (again -- this time manifesting itself as a hacking cough), but I couldn't use that for an excuse so liberals could deny Our Nation the spiritual guidance only I can provide. I am glad to see Congress is finally doing its job and issuing multiple condemnations of MoveOn.org for sending Iranian President Ahmadinejad to the Folsom Street leather fair... or was it Columbia University for placing a full page ad in the New York Times of Jesus & His Disciples surrounded by butt plugs? Regardless, in the spirit of this week of Outrage, I hereby condemn Congress for taking so long to issue their condemnations, and condemn anyone who would condemn me for it. There, that felt good.

In the world of multiple Outrages, though, nothing quite comes close to the Clintons. Oddly enough, America's leading crime family is at it again, this time threatening to extinguish American Capitalism with bogus lawsuits in their ruthless quest to return to the White House. From Fox News, naturally:
The owner of a New York City restaurant is “heartbroken” over a letter he received from former President Bill Clinton's lawyer asking that a photograph of daughter Chelsea be removed from his eatery — or face legal action.

The photo, taken of the former first daughter with Osso Buco owner Nino Selimaj, has been on display in the window of the Greenwich Village haunt for about five years, the restaurateur said. It was snapped when Chelsea, now 27, was having dinner there with a group of about 30 friends. ...

A lawyer who walked by the restaurant Wednesday said the Clintons might have a case, because the use of photographs of private citizens or celebrities for commercial purposes can sometimes be subject to lawsuits.

“She’s a public figure, so they could claim he’s exploiting her image,” said Paul Leavin, 61, of New York. He said the issue of whether or not the ex-president’s daughter is a private citizen, as well as whether the photo was being used for commercial gain, were both up for dispute.
One wonders what will happen when their allies in Hollywood follow suit, as is expected to happen, and sic their black helicopters on the businesses that display headshots of their showbiz clientele. It could mean the death of the drycleaning and car wash industries in all of Southern California, if not the western United States, resulting in even more illegal aliens congregating in Michelle Malkin's neighborhood waiting for work. This is an Outrage of the highest order, and while I sympathize with the restaurant owner's desire to post a picture of Chelsea Clinton, it should be one issued by the FBI where she's declared America' Most Wanted. Praise Him!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching up

Conchita's IT slug dropped something of a bombshell on me last week when he said our network server was moving to a "vault" and any of the 5,438 messages I presently have in my mailboxes older than 60 days would be moved there permanently and could never be erased once it was migrated. While I do believe the 300-400 messages I sent to my girlfriends saying "Conchita is such a bitch. I'm so glad she's going to Hell. See you Sunday," have their rightful place among The Ages, I can only imagine the Persecution I would endure once Chairman Hillary started subpoenaing them for her kangaroo court.

All of this, gentle reader, is my long-winded way of explaining to you why I spent the last 4 workdays frenetically deleting 6 years of email from my in and out boxes and not blogging on the pressing matters of the day. But fear not, for nothing escapes the watchful eye of Sister Nancy Beth. Here are the stories MSM would rather you ignore:

† Plan naan from outer space - Perhaps the most shameful legacy of feminism is the way it wrecked the space program. Once they let women in, they had to let everyone in (except maybe the homos, but you know that's a lawsuit waiting to happen) , and that's what we've got today -- Muslims who are not only trying to take over the planet, but also the whole damn solar system:
Malaysia's first astronaut will blast off into space next month armed with guidelines from Muslim authorities on how to pray, wash and even be "buried" in space.

Two Malaysian candidates, a doctor and an army dentist who are both Muslims, are undergoing training in Russia with the winner expected to be announced on Friday, ahead of the 11-day space mission which starts on October 10.

Other Muslims have ventured into space, but none during the fasting month of Ramadan which began last week, and Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) is hopeful the astronaut will choose to fast during his voyage.

"Conditions at the International Space Station which are so different from those on earth are not a hindrance for the astronaut to fulfil his obligations as a Muslim," it said in a 20-page booklet.

This booklet sounds like one of those Al Qaeda training manuals we're always hearing so much about. Who's to say there isn't a chapter in there on how to best behead a fellow astronaut when Good Morning, America cuts to you for the effects of zero gravity on poppy seeds? And what if a high dosage of radiation turns him from a regular Muslim, which is bad enough, into some sort of mutant super-Muslim? I think it shows how badly we've fallen behind as a global leader that something like this is even allowed to happen.

† The wages of Sin - It's long been known that consumers of pornography are hyperviolent criminal predators, and it only stands to reason that the people who make it are criminals themselves. To wit:
An Iraq war veteran featured in dozens of hard-core sex films been charged with raping a woman as she slept at a Washington State University sorority house.

Christopher Jack Reid, 25, who uses the screen name Jack Venice, also is accused of burglarizing the Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Beta Phi and Delta Gamma sorority houses and trying to break into the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity in Pullman, according to police reports.
Let us hope Mr. Reid discover the one true path to Salvation and returns to polite society in the form of a conservative journalist.

† Satan's concubine - Hillary Clinton's demands for the blood of the unborn isn't just a convenient political stance to ride to electoral victory, it's part of the literal deal she made with the devil:
A new biography on Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton reveals that during her time as First Lady, Clinton participated in strange moments of imaginary conversation with a deceased Eleanor Roosevelt from the solarium atop the White House. Grove City College professor Paul Kengor’s “God and Hillary Clinton” also notes the religious devotion with which Senator Clinton advocates abortion.

An overview of the book by Kengor’s Grove City colleague Dr. Warren Thockmorton notes that the book - with information from friends, colleagues and acquaintances - paints an accurate picture of Clinton’s version of faith.

The woman who arranged the séance-type sessions atop the White House, Jean Houston, became very close to the Senator. Houston who was known for delving into altered consciousness, the spirit world, and psychic experiences, according to a source quoted in the book, compared Clinton to Joan of Arc and believed her to be the most pivotal woman in all of human history.

Thockmorton also extracts from the book an analysis of Clinton’s devotion to abortion. “There is no issue closer to Mrs. Clinton’s heart than abortion rights—to which she holds a nearly religious devotion—so much so that it has become a kind of political theology to the senator, equipped with its own set of apologetics.”
I don't know when Hillary has time to conduct her Black Masses, what with all the burglaries she spends her day plotting, but there's no doubt that once she's in office, her daily briefing will including the disemboweling of a sacred chicken as a means of augury. Keep America Holy and send her back to Massachusetts, where she belongs. Praise Him!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is it the ENDA the line for America?

A good rule of thumb is that the butcher the acronym for a bill is, the better it is for Our Nation. CAN-SPAM? Can do! USA Patriot Act? I don't see how anything could go wrong with that one, so make it a double. Unfortunately, The Left has noticed that the initials of Freedom often spell out something Inspirational, and with their characteristic hatred for America, have sought to make a mockery of this practice with ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

For those of you who've spent the past decade or so under a rock, the proposed ENDA bill purportedly ends discrimination against radical homosexual activists. A cursory glance of its provisions, however reveals its more sinister aims. If enacted, ENDA will criminalize Christianity, install Rosie O'Donnell as the head of the Southern Baptist Convention, and replace "In God We Trust" with "Hail, Satan" on every piece of currency that is minted in the United States. It's bad news, and its passage is tantamount to adopting the worst excesses of Stalinism, Sharia, and HillaryCare as our national form of government.

Its very name, ENDA, speaks to these perverse objectives, as in the ENDA Western Civilization, should its ghastly provisions be adopted, or perhaps more tellingly, the "insert something ungodly into my rear ENDA" Act. Fortunately, my Prayer Warriors are on the case and are ready to rechristen it with something more befitting its treasonous nature. Acronymize this, homos:
Warning that the title of the bill may draw supporters, Shepard preferred to "more truthfully" name the bill the "Give special rights to a few based on a 'particular behavior' and take rights away from employers – particularly Christian employers – Act."
GSPFBPBTRAEPCE, or as it is more commonly appears in certain parts of the world,"هيلاري رودهام كلينتون," is perhaps the greatest threat to Christian Values we're likely to encounter this legislative session, because when gay people are gainfully employed, the terrorists win. Don't hand Osama another victory, so join me in praying for the defeat of this morally repugnant bill. Praise Him!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

God save the queens*

While liberal media certainly won't report on any good news coming out of the war in Iraq, that certainly isn't the case for the culture war that's presently raging on here in the good old US of A. Today's survey of my Prayer Warriors shows that when we put conservative ideals into action, we get results, big time:

† Choosing heterosexuality: The backbone of the radical homosexual activists' agenda is that homosexuality is some sort of immutable trait, much like having a particular blood type or being an illegal immigrant. Well, a new study shows that after four years of reparative therapy, some former homos have opted to return to the heterosexual fold, while an even larger group have chosen to be less gay:
Results showed that 15 percent of the sample claimed to have successfully changed their sexual orientation, reporting substantial reduction in homosexual desire and addition of heterosexual attraction. These subjects were grouped as "Success: Conversion."

There were also a higher percentage of people (23 percent) who experienced satisfactory reductions in homosexual desire as they embraced the Christian discipline of chastity. This group is described as "Success: Chastity."
Sister Nancy Beth wishes these freshly minted heterosexuals a life free of bold decorator colors, a surefire temptation back into the homosexual lifestyle if ever there were any, as well as life free of bogus solicitation charges by overly vigorous law enforcement officials. It tends to happen to our most ardent heterosexuals, so they should be on guard.

† Winning the Global War on Poor People: Star Parker shows that when it comes to abolishing welfare dependence, our most potent weapon is overheated rhetoric:
Blaming poverty on liberalism and the federal government, a conservative activist on Friday said: "It is very sad what the liberals have done with their war on the poor in this country." ...

Parker said the war on poverty has really been a war waged by liberals on four fronts -- "war on the family, the war on thought, the war on tradition and a war on religion."
Indeed. And while millions of Americans have been liberated from the virtual imprisonment of The Left's welfare programs and are now savoring the fruits of capitalism, there remains one group who remains imprisoned deep within the liberals' financial gulag:
[Sheldon] Danziger added that government intervention, through Social Security and Medicare, has proved to be effective in reducing poverty among the elderly, which is at an all-time low.
Does The Left have no shame? The very soul of America depends of the ability of our elderly to freely slip into poverty unemcumbered by government handouts. Medicare and Social Security only rob them (and us) of their dignity. Until these Stalinistic attempts at social engineering are eradicated, America's claims to be a free country remain an empty promise. Praise Him!

*Welfare & otherwise.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Fair Fortuna has spun her wheel...

... and selected the following lucky winnners for inclusion in this week's random iPod tomfoolery:

Nieve Penitentes 1 - Thomas Koner
Heartbreak Hotel - John Cale
Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime - Shirley & Dolly Collins
Adults And Children - Gordons
Be Thankful For What You Got - Yo La Tengo
It's A Bit Of A Pain - Faust
Vou Recomecar - Gal Costa
Missouri - Low
Double Barrel - Dave & Ansel Collins
Bridges - Tracy Chapman

The last time I did this, I looked up which year these tracks were released to determine the average age of that week's crop, and offered a bit of personal reflection about what was happening in my life for that year. A lot of these are pretty old, which pushes the average down considerably -- to 1982, when I was 11. I really don't remember too much about that time, other than that I was in fifth grade and I really liked hamburgers. Oh, and that my alcoholic stepfather exercised strict control over our television, and there wasn't a cop or detective show that we missed. If you have a problem with the paucity of reminiscences, I suggest you direct your bitching to fair Fortuna. After all, she's the one selecting these things.

Not every song I listen to is an average of 25 years old. In fact, I've been enjoying the Stars of the Lid's And Their Refinement of Decline, a double-disc set of ambient tidal drift that was not only released this past millenium, it was also released this past year(!). In other hymn-themed news, I plan to resume digitizing my old lps this weekend, which just may kick the average year for this exercise well into the 1970s. Tune in next week (or whenever I'm too lazy to write a real blog post) to find out. Praise Him!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time sure flies when you're being Persecuted

Nutritious and delicious -- have a slice.

Holy smokes, has it been two years already since I first set out to slay the blogosphere? I haven't quite accomplished that particular goal, but I'm confident I've made myself a thorn in The Left's side. As Our President would say, "Mission Accomplished!"

I'm not inclined to draw attention to myself (which kinda explains the general lack of pimping this site in the comments section at MichelleMalkin.com), but seeing as I did absolutely nothing to note this occasion last year, I might as well. After all, who's to say Hillary won't have me rubbed out by this time next September? As for the process of blogging, I'm at a loss for any words of wisdom (they'll hit me, tomorrow, when anyone has ceased caring), but for now, thanks to everyone for reading this, except those perverts who only come here looking for porn. Praise Him!

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Where is the Outrage?

Hell if I know. I spent all day yesterday looking over the news for something to get worked up over, only to come back emptyhanded. I'd blame the MSM, but even my Prayer Warriors were shooting blanks. It wasn't until I got home and talked to Jesus about the nutrition course He's taking this quarter that I felt that sweet, heady rush of Christian Persecution.

The flashpoint for the latest Outrage is the threshold establishing the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of a particular nutrient, which is far higher than it needs to be. As Jesus' textbook* explains:
Once a nutrient requirement is established, the committee must decide what intake to recommend for everybody -- the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). As you can see by the distribution in Figure 1-5, the Estimated Average Requirement (shown in the figure as 45 units) is probably closest to everyone's needs. However, if people consumed exactly the average requirement of a given nutrient each day, half of the population would develop deficiencies of that nutrient -- in Figure 1-5, for example, person C would be among them. Recommendations are therefore set high enough above the Estimated Average Requirement to meet the needs of most healthy people.

Small amounts above the daily requirement do no harm, whereas amounts below the requirement may lead to health problems. When people's nutrient intakes are consistently deficient (less than the requirement), their nutrient stores decline, and over time this decline leads to poor health and deficiency symptoms. Therefore, to ensure that nutrient RDA meet the needs of as many people as possible, the RDA are set near the top end of the range of the population's estimated requirements.
It's time to ditch the PC pussyfooting and call this what it really is: Communism. Thanks to the advice of those barely reconstructed Trotskyite nutritionists, 99% of us have to bust our asses to get the recommended 45 µgs of Molybdenum, because 1% is too lazy to absorb anything less. Quite frankly, I'm tired of picking up their slack. Already my taxes are being used to heavily subsidize a failed Marxist utopia -- must my diet do the same?

Nutrition is also the latest academic hotspot for the Blame America First crowd. A cursory glance through the textbook reveals more hatred for Our Nation (cloaked as "concern" about our diets) than the comments section of your average Daily Kos entry. What's worse is its blatantly pro-terrorist slant: The Mediterranean (read: Islamic) diet is constantly lauded as superior to our Western one, even though no one can tell how slender you are under a burqa. I had check the masthead twice to make sure Ward Churchill wasn't a contributor to this vile anti-American claptrap.

Nutrition now takes its shameful place alongside English, Political Science, and Cosmetology as once great disciplines that have been hijacked by the radical academics of The Left and debased to the point of meaninglessness. If America is to have any chance of retaining her Glory, we need to reclaim our menus from those terrorists in the kitchen and return to the Traditional Values inherent in roasts, cutlets, and casseroles. Praise Him!

* The text isn't actually online, so just pretend this is figure 1-5, ok?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feeding the Beast

Masturbators, rejoice. "Science" has found a new way for you to skirt Divine retribution for your sinful lifestyle of self-abuse:
Two nutrients found in eggs, spinach and other leafy green vegetables offer some protection against the most common cause of blindness among the elderly, researchers said on Monday.
It certainly explains why every restaurant catering to coastal liberal elites and their ever so "nuanced" palates has Greek omelettes and vegetable fritatas on their breakfast menu. They know that their clientele just worked up a mean hunger violating God's law. Disgraceful!

What infuriates me most about this story is that here is yet another instance where The Left has used my tax dollars to turn the research institutes of Our Nation into a pit crew supporting deviant lifestyles and abhorrent sexual practices. Nearly every university offers a course on the dietary needs of homosexuals and kleptomaniacs, but these same schools recoil in horror from the suggestion of offering a double major in Christian Womanhood and cosmetology quicker than you can "ACLU lawsuit." Discrimination against America's Christians doesn't get much more bald-faced than this, and MSM's predictable silence only compunds this injustice. Until America restores a Republican majority to Congress, we can look forward to more Outrages of this sort. Praise Him!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Freddy for action

Fred Thompson's leading man looks give him an obvious edge over the other candidates.

I've been slow to warm to the charms of Fred Thompson, but when I see statements like this, I see the error of my ways. It's little wonder he's captivated the imagination of Conservative America:
In his first interview since declaring his presidential candidacy, Fred Thompson repeatedly warned against the perils of a "weak and divided" nation, raised the specter of unspecified terrorists with suitcase bombs, and expressed a willingness to employ nuclear weapons against Iran.

"If you're politically committed against this war and to do something to further harm the president, the way the Democrats seem to be in Congress, then anything [in the Petraeus Report] that's a mixed message is going to be seized upon in a negative way," Thompson told Fox News on Thursday.

"If we look weak and divided in this country, we're going to pay a heavy price for it in the future," he went on. "We're living in the era of the suitcase bomb. And they're not going to go away. They're here now, they're armed and dangerous, and they're trying to get weapons of mass destruction."
Our President believes his legacy will be a freedom-loving and democratic Middle East, albeit one where cars explode with an Old Faithful-like constancy. For me, however, the most enduring contribution of his administration will be equating criticism of his war with helping the terrorists. The chance of four (or if we're lucky, eight) more years of branding dissent as treason is Morning in America as only Our President could envision it: by starting off the day with a stiff screwdriver. I'll drink to that. Praise Him!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Grown-ups are still in charge

Like my Prayer Warriors, I, too, despair over the liberal plot to infantilize Our Nation. Instead of becoming the rugged protectors of God and Country we rely upon to defend us from internal and external enemies alike, American men have reverted back to a horny, videogame-playing adolescence. It is just a matter of time before they regress back to an embryonic state and The Left aborts them entirely, leaving America an easy target for Muslims, illegal immigrants, and homosexuals, who plan to turn this country into an open air rug bazaar/gay disco that serves taquitos at happy hour. In light of their pathological fetishization of childhood, I am glad to see that some people still place a premium on parental authority, and that Honoring Thy Father and Mother isn't only God's Law, it's America's Law, too.

Our first ray of light comes from the Mitt Romney campaign. Even though I've chided Mitt for his worship of False Christs, at least the deviant sex cult he belongs to sees the folly of sparing the rod and spoiling the child:
A spokesman for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney slammed an earlier report from Radar Online that claimed the candidate's Utah finance committee co-chair, Robert Lichfield, who is the co-founder of an educational services group facing allegations of child abuse and fraud, was asked to resign his position at the urging of the campaign.

Romney spokesman Stephen Smith, in a Thursday email to RAW STORY, said that although Lichfield was no longer a part of the campaign, the decision was his alone.

"Robert Lichfield resigned on his own accord from the Romney campaign and is not a part of any campaign or finance activities," said Smith.
It gives me hope to know that there will always be a place for child abusers in the Romney Campaign, and hopefully, a Romney Administration. That's a Vision for America I can support -- to whom do I make my checks?

From Florida comes a dove bearing this olive branch:
An exorcism case involving an Edgewater councilwoman is over after the state attorney's office found insufficient evidence to prosecute.

Debra and Daniel Rogers were accused by their daughter of battery during an alleged effort to exorcise "the demons out of her." ...

The allegations stemmed from a June 27 incident at the family's home on S. Riverside Drive. Police said the couple physically restrained their 18-year-old daughter, Danielle, against her will while drenching her with olive oil.
This is indeed good news, but lest we get too cocky, keep this in mind: These potential martyrs were only spared the horrors of a CNN show trial because the demon that the parents beat out of their child refused sign an affidavit local law enforcement officials had prepared for it. Had it cooperated, we'd be looking at another Scooter Libby-like miscarriage of justice. -- though hopefully a presidential pardon. Praise Him!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another great day for Freedom

Despite The Left's desperate attempts to portray Our President's Glorious Crusade to Bring Freedom to the Ragheads as nothing short of a complete and utter failure, incontrovertible evidence continues to mount showing that the surge is indeed working. Via Prayer Warrior Michelle Malkin, I learn that we finally have finally been able to quell that mighty stronghold of Islezbofascist foment: Madison, Wisconsin.
The eight Madison City Council members who abstained from voting to recommend that Congress impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney outweighed the nine citizens who made personal pleas to the council and presented more than 8,300 signatures demanding that the council recommend impeachment.

Just before 4 a.m. this morning, after an hour of impassioned debate, the city council failed to muster the necessary 11 votes to recommend impeachment.
I must say that I share Michelle's exultation over this victory. What makes it particularly savory is that it is also a stinging (albeit retroactive) defeat of Jane Fonda and the Viet Cong!
However, the council members who spoke were equally passionate. The most emotional was Thuy Pham-Remmele, an immigrant from Vietnam, who said she would resign from the city council if it voted to recommend impeachment. ...

Looking directly at the spectator gallery, Pham-Remmele said, "It is easy to be like Jane Fonda and walk with the communists … and feel good about it. If you really want to save lives, think of something more concrete."
BURN!!! Yeah, like taking a First Aid class. Suck on that one, hippies.

Tragically, at last count there were 87 municipalities in Our Nation that had embraced Sharia and declared Osama Bin Laden their dictator for life. But as this story indicates, this war can be won: Today we retake Madison, and tomorrow maybe we liberate West Hollywood. It can never be said too often that the next few months are critical. If the surge is allowed to go as Our President has planned, America may finally taste sweet victory in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and Viet Nam, too. Praise Him!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Sister Nancy Beth's vinyl countdown

You can be forgiven for thinking that your beloved Sister Nancy Beth was Raptured away to the Sweet Hereafter, Christians, but I have in fact been deeply engrossed with The Lord's work: digitizing my collection of LPs.

Loyal Nancy-Cons will recall that I attempted this back in June, but because Satan had installed a particularly weak pre-amp in my turntable, my efforts were largely in vain. Jesus must have seen how much pleasure the iPod Shuffle we won two weeks ago at Ghetto Pavilions has given me -- I now spend my time on the subway listening to my collection of 45 minute long stonerific hymns rather than questioning the patriotism of my fellow passengers -- so He worked another of His miracles and whipped up that turntable that connects to a USB port that I've been coveting.

There was a slight learning curve for the software, but it's been pretty much full tilt ahead since last Thursday. I was going to undertake this systematically, starting with my A's and working through the alphabet, but Temptation got the better of Sister Nancy Beth and I'm doing this as the impulse strikes me. Here's what's made the cut so far:

Chet Atkins - "The Last Thing on My Mind." I don't expect anyone reading this to have ever seen Stroszek, but as Bruno the retard, Eva the hooker, and Scheitz the midget head expectantly into America's Heartland in their oversized domestic model sedan, this is the song that welcomes them to their new lives of manufactured housing, menial labor, and credit card debt. God Bless America!

Oren Ambarchi - Stacte.3. I'm pretty sure this is the one that made me abandon alphabetical order and pick them out as my capricious whims dictate. Side 1: plinkity guitar noodling. Yawn. Side 2: Organum-like bowed cymbal (usually a good thing, only in this instance, it's not) followed by some cool oscillator-like tones that overlap and mesh with other sounds. It was visually interesting to see this song play out on the screen, since it looked like this:

For reference, pretty much everything else looks like this:


Grouper - Cover the Windows and the Walls. This came out earlier this year and may very well be Sister Nancy Beth's favorite album of 2007. I'm not sure what motivates somebody to release something on vinyl only in this day and age, since being able to actually listen to an LP presents quite a hurdle for the average person to clear. My cynical side thinks it may be a way to outsmart file-sharers (damn kids), but I also suspect it's a test of my loyalty as a fan. Regardless of the efforts it took, it was worth it, because the lovely and talented Miss Grouper makes some of the most glorious psychedelia around. Enjoy the Heavenly sounds of one woman and her effects pedals here, here, and especially here. Glory!

Christina Carter - Bastard Wing. A woman sings like a fallen angel and hammers away at an abandoned piano in a Houston boathouse while geckos, birds, and salamanders chirp and croak in the background. This is an amazing record by a singular talent. It's a shame it won't be heard by more people.

Mirror - Nights. Side one is a steel drum gently accompanying the the shifting pitch of an overhead propeller craft; side two is the sound of an orchestral string section being sucked into a whirlpool. My favorite record ever!

I've also done the powerline and refrigerator hum duets of JMJ Trio's In the Absence of the Third and K-Group & Omit's Storage, the damaged-beyond-recognition folk of Leslie Q's Presque Vu!, the sidelong chord organ and pedal steel blissouts/freakouts Charalmbides' IN CR EA SE, their more mannered (but not much) Market Square, and Mirror's singing bowl-heavy Under the Sun, all of which will be sweetening my morning commute this coming week. For those of you who are bored by these types of entries: The novelty of this exercise is wearing off and I'm beginning to feel a little fried from all my time in front of a computer, so Christian Outrage should resume shortly. Praise Him!