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Monday, September 17, 2007

God save the queens*

While liberal media certainly won't report on any good news coming out of the war in Iraq, that certainly isn't the case for the culture war that's presently raging on here in the good old US of A. Today's survey of my Prayer Warriors shows that when we put conservative ideals into action, we get results, big time:

† Choosing heterosexuality: The backbone of the radical homosexual activists' agenda is that homosexuality is some sort of immutable trait, much like having a particular blood type or being an illegal immigrant. Well, a new study shows that after four years of reparative therapy, some former homos have opted to return to the heterosexual fold, while an even larger group have chosen to be less gay:
Results showed that 15 percent of the sample claimed to have successfully changed their sexual orientation, reporting substantial reduction in homosexual desire and addition of heterosexual attraction. These subjects were grouped as "Success: Conversion."

There were also a higher percentage of people (23 percent) who experienced satisfactory reductions in homosexual desire as they embraced the Christian discipline of chastity. This group is described as "Success: Chastity."
Sister Nancy Beth wishes these freshly minted heterosexuals a life free of bold decorator colors, a surefire temptation back into the homosexual lifestyle if ever there were any, as well as life free of bogus solicitation charges by overly vigorous law enforcement officials. It tends to happen to our most ardent heterosexuals, so they should be on guard.

† Winning the Global War on Poor People: Star Parker shows that when it comes to abolishing welfare dependence, our most potent weapon is overheated rhetoric:
Blaming poverty on liberalism and the federal government, a conservative activist on Friday said: "It is very sad what the liberals have done with their war on the poor in this country." ...

Parker said the war on poverty has really been a war waged by liberals on four fronts -- "war on the family, the war on thought, the war on tradition and a war on religion."
Indeed. And while millions of Americans have been liberated from the virtual imprisonment of The Left's welfare programs and are now savoring the fruits of capitalism, there remains one group who remains imprisoned deep within the liberals' financial gulag:
[Sheldon] Danziger added that government intervention, through Social Security and Medicare, has proved to be effective in reducing poverty among the elderly, which is at an all-time low.
Does The Left have no shame? The very soul of America depends of the ability of our elderly to freely slip into poverty unemcumbered by government handouts. Medicare and Social Security only rob them (and us) of their dignity. Until these Stalinistic attempts at social engineering are eradicated, America's claims to be a free country remain an empty promise. Praise Him!

*Welfare & otherwise.

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