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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where is the Outrage?

Hell if I know. I spent all day yesterday looking over the news for something to get worked up over, only to come back emptyhanded. I'd blame the MSM, but even my Prayer Warriors were shooting blanks. It wasn't until I got home and talked to Jesus about the nutrition course He's taking this quarter that I felt that sweet, heady rush of Christian Persecution.

The flashpoint for the latest Outrage is the threshold establishing the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of a particular nutrient, which is far higher than it needs to be. As Jesus' textbook* explains:
Once a nutrient requirement is established, the committee must decide what intake to recommend for everybody -- the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). As you can see by the distribution in Figure 1-5, the Estimated Average Requirement (shown in the figure as 45 units) is probably closest to everyone's needs. However, if people consumed exactly the average requirement of a given nutrient each day, half of the population would develop deficiencies of that nutrient -- in Figure 1-5, for example, person C would be among them. Recommendations are therefore set high enough above the Estimated Average Requirement to meet the needs of most healthy people.

Small amounts above the daily requirement do no harm, whereas amounts below the requirement may lead to health problems. When people's nutrient intakes are consistently deficient (less than the requirement), their nutrient stores decline, and over time this decline leads to poor health and deficiency symptoms. Therefore, to ensure that nutrient RDA meet the needs of as many people as possible, the RDA are set near the top end of the range of the population's estimated requirements.
It's time to ditch the PC pussyfooting and call this what it really is: Communism. Thanks to the advice of those barely reconstructed Trotskyite nutritionists, 99% of us have to bust our asses to get the recommended 45 µgs of Molybdenum, because 1% is too lazy to absorb anything less. Quite frankly, I'm tired of picking up their slack. Already my taxes are being used to heavily subsidize a failed Marxist utopia -- must my diet do the same?

Nutrition is also the latest academic hotspot for the Blame America First crowd. A cursory glance through the textbook reveals more hatred for Our Nation (cloaked as "concern" about our diets) than the comments section of your average Daily Kos entry. What's worse is its blatantly pro-terrorist slant: The Mediterranean (read: Islamic) diet is constantly lauded as superior to our Western one, even though no one can tell how slender you are under a burqa. I had check the masthead twice to make sure Ward Churchill wasn't a contributor to this vile anti-American claptrap.

Nutrition now takes its shameful place alongside English, Political Science, and Cosmetology as once great disciplines that have been hijacked by the radical academics of The Left and debased to the point of meaninglessness. If America is to have any chance of retaining her Glory, we need to reclaim our menus from those terrorists in the kitchen and return to the Traditional Values inherent in roasts, cutlets, and casseroles. Praise Him!

* The text isn't actually online, so just pretend this is figure 1-5, ok?

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  • At September 13, 2007 12:46 PM, Blogger proudprogressive said…

    I find a diet of Freedom Fries has enabled me to send more money to the 700 club.

    Dispite liberal lies that such a diet is unhealthy for the body i.e. the Communist manifesto, Super Size Me. Consider me outraged- Libtard America hating Liars ! The list of ingredients in the Freedom Fry diet is in tongues (a good sign) You don't see that in the text books or movies,nope. Nor this:

    This diet is healthy for the Spirit. No wonder the Heathen Unsaved Nutritionists hate it.

    consider this :

    The Freedom Fry diet has brought me to my knees (more than once) crying out in fervered prayer for Divine Intervention.
    Yes, I cried out from the Alter in my bathroom, Father why have you forsaken me?!

    Sister Nancy Beth never have I felt so close to meeting my maker. Praise Him !
    Now that cannot be bad ?! Nearer my God to thee.

    Shame on those America haters. What about the financial health of our fast food international franchises here and abroad?

    The Freedom Fry Diet is both a pathway to Jesus and a way to eat Patriotically all in one.

    For those considering the Freedom Fry diet - dress appropriately, just in case of Rapture. Yes there can be false alarms.
    I am here Outraged as ever, with the barrage of daily moonbat propaganda.

    Yes my physical energy is ebbing, but my Prayer energy is surging. This diet = spiritual salvation.

    Hail Mary full of fries..(get behind me Satan) i meant grace !

  • At September 14, 2007 11:29 AM, Blogger Y | O | Y said…

    Centrally planned meals by the government. Communism indeed! If they have their way, we'll all be grazing on couscous and grape leaves.

    Next they'll be trying to give me health insurance like those pinkos north of the border.


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