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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Grown-ups are still in charge

Like my Prayer Warriors, I, too, despair over the liberal plot to infantilize Our Nation. Instead of becoming the rugged protectors of God and Country we rely upon to defend us from internal and external enemies alike, American men have reverted back to a horny, videogame-playing adolescence. It is just a matter of time before they regress back to an embryonic state and The Left aborts them entirely, leaving America an easy target for Muslims, illegal immigrants, and homosexuals, who plan to turn this country into an open air rug bazaar/gay disco that serves taquitos at happy hour. In light of their pathological fetishization of childhood, I am glad to see that some people still place a premium on parental authority, and that Honoring Thy Father and Mother isn't only God's Law, it's America's Law, too.

Our first ray of light comes from the Mitt Romney campaign. Even though I've chided Mitt for his worship of False Christs, at least the deviant sex cult he belongs to sees the folly of sparing the rod and spoiling the child:
A spokesman for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney slammed an earlier report from Radar Online that claimed the candidate's Utah finance committee co-chair, Robert Lichfield, who is the co-founder of an educational services group facing allegations of child abuse and fraud, was asked to resign his position at the urging of the campaign.

Romney spokesman Stephen Smith, in a Thursday email to RAW STORY, said that although Lichfield was no longer a part of the campaign, the decision was his alone.

"Robert Lichfield resigned on his own accord from the Romney campaign and is not a part of any campaign or finance activities," said Smith.
It gives me hope to know that there will always be a place for child abusers in the Romney Campaign, and hopefully, a Romney Administration. That's a Vision for America I can support -- to whom do I make my checks?

From Florida comes a dove bearing this olive branch:
An exorcism case involving an Edgewater councilwoman is over after the state attorney's office found insufficient evidence to prosecute.

Debra and Daniel Rogers were accused by their daughter of battery during an alleged effort to exorcise "the demons out of her." ...

The allegations stemmed from a June 27 incident at the family's home on S. Riverside Drive. Police said the couple physically restrained their 18-year-old daughter, Danielle, against her will while drenching her with olive oil.
This is indeed good news, but lest we get too cocky, keep this in mind: These potential martyrs were only spared the horrors of a CNN show trial because the demon that the parents beat out of their child refused sign an affidavit local law enforcement officials had prepared for it. Had it cooperated, we'd be looking at another Scooter Libby-like miscarriage of justice. -- though hopefully a presidential pardon. Praise Him!

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