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Friday, August 17, 2007

Animal welfare

If any of you doubt that public assistance programs sap the recipients' desire to work, you should look no further than your local zoo. Jesus and I took His brother and niece to protest the LA Zoo yesterday (sorry, no pictures), and I was shocked that a socialist welfare program like this is still going on, even 18 years after the fall of Communism. Most of our afternoon was spent visually scouring their cages for any signs of life, but it became apparent that they were more interested in hiding in their dressing rooms than doing their jobs -- which is entertaining us, their paying customers. The few animals we did see were so torpid they could have been stuffed.

Quite frankly, I find the very premise of a zoo ideologically suspect. Animals are selected according to their value as members of a certain species, rather than their merit. It's identity politics run amok, and a chilling omen of what The Left's fixation on diversity will ulitmately lead to outside the zoo's walls: Ethnic minorities (who are probably here illegally) living the life of Riley on the dole while we conservatives are forced to support their indolent lifestyle through exorbitant taxes on gasoline and email. It is, in short, an Outrage, and I hope Star Parker devotes a column to this assault on Free Market ideals in the very near future.

Perhaps the greatest Outrage of all was the appalling level on denial about the threat radical Islam presents to Our Nation. Not once did I see any mention of 9/11 or the heroism we conservative bloggers have been vigilantly displaying ever since that dreaded day in the zoo exhibits. It's enough to make you think the animal rights crowd would welcome being overrun by Muslims. Well, I am onto them, and I plan to harp loudly on these enemies of Freedom until the next blogospheric distraction, which will probably be Monday. Praise Him!

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