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Friday, August 03, 2007


There are many things getting my goat today, Christians. Because I fear my absence from blogging may have pushed America even further into the Moral abyss (as well as setting back the military campaign in Iraq by at least six months), I'm going to combine three shots of Outrage into one, so be sure to designate a driver.

Perhaps displaying the natural affinity between radical homosexual activists and Old Europe, the lexicon of man-on-man buttsex is rife with perverted expressions such as "French Active" and "Greek Passive." Into this horrifying patois comes yet another semen-tinged phrase from our European "allies": Dutch Insertive
Dutch embassies will investigate homosexual rights in all of its 36 "partner countries" receiving foreign aid, and pressure many of those nations to decriminalise homosexual behaviour under a plan supported by the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The Dutch journal, Volkskrant, reports that Bert Koenders, Minister for Development Cooperation, has launched the inquiry, which will require embassy officials to investigate not only the legal status of homosexuality, but also the level of social acceptance of homosexuality and how possibly to increase that acceptance in the populace.

Dutch embassies will lobby governments in countries outlawing homosexual behaviour to scrap anti-homosexual legislation. Of the Netherlands 36 partner countries, 18 penalise homosexual acts in some way and 3 others permit the death penalty.
Outrageous, but hardly surprising -- after all, need I remind anybody that Muslims live in the Netherlands? I tip my hat to our Dutch friends, who've managed to achieve that delicate balance of importing Sharia and exporting sodomy that liberals have been seeking for years.

MSM spins for The Left -- again. Because the liberal media wants your sons and daughters to grow into homosexuals and man-hungry tramps, respectively, they'll rarely let things like facts get in the way, particularly if it means they can badmouth abstinence-only education. MSMBS shows us how it's done:
In high-income countries, programs that encourage abstinence from sex as the only method of preventing HIV infection are not effective in achieving this goal, findings from a review of trial data suggest. ...

Compared with no program, safer sex programs, and various other control programs, the abstinence-only programs did not seem to reduce HIV risk. Specifically, abstinence-only programs did not influence the rate of unprotected vaginal sex, the number of sexual partners, condom use, or initiation of sexual activity.

Opposite effect

In one trial, there was evidence that abstinence-only programs may have had an adverse effect. Compared with a comparison group of young people who did not participate in an HIV prevention program, abstinence-only programs were associated with a rise in sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Still, the authors note that other trials did not show a significant link between abstinence-only programs and these outcomes
What I'm missing here is how this disproves the central tenet of abstinence-only education: If you have sex, you'll get AIDS and go to Hell. Why this remains so controversial is beyond me; it should be drummed into the head of every American from the age of 5 years onward.

And finally, sweet vindication for the Rumsfeld doctrine! America's armed forces are getting an infusion of fresh blood -- or perhaps I should say fresh oil -- from some new recruits who aren't obese, borderline retarded, or criminals:
The U.S. Army quietly entered a new era earlier this summer when it sent the first armed ground robots into action in Iraq. ...

The three robots, which tote M249 rifles and are remotely controlled by a soldier through a terminal, have been in Iraq since April and are with the 3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade.

After three years of development at the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J., the robots were formally approved for combat use in June. Their exact whereabouts and missions are classified, but Zecca could confirm that they have been used in reconnaissance tasks and street patrols.
And the best part of all is that we don't have to worry about them penning treasonous articles for The New Republic. Praise Him!

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