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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't hate him cuz he's beautiful

I've ignored the rash of stories about the Democrats' debasement of the Sacred arts of cosmetology for one simple reason: Their blatant attempts at passing themselves off as being well-groomed are as fraudulent as their masquerading as devout Christians, and I refuse to dignify their pathetic antics with a response. Both of these ploys stem from the desire of these dirty smelly hippies to seduce us Christians away from the Everlasting Arms of the Republican Party and into the voting booth with Satan. Does anyone seriously believe that, if elected, Barack Hussein Obama won't sprout a full head of dreadlocks for the inauguration and take his oath of office on the Koran, or that the Silky Pony won't sacrifice those luscious tresses to his pagan goat god, Pan, by using some horrible "all-natural" organic shampoo (and no conditioner)?

However, when I see Mitt Romney being subjected to the Persecution of The Left on account of his Faith (which is not quite Christianity, but at least he's a Republican), I feel compelled to speak out. In the world of our moonbat friends, it's quite the scandal that a Republican spent $2000 on makeup over the course of four years:
The perception that Mitt Romney is some sort of pretty-boy was burnished earlier this week when reports emerged that he spent $300 in campaign funds for makeup "consulting" this year.

It turns out Romney has maintained an expensive beauty regimen for years.

A RAW STORY analysis of Romney's campaign finance records during his time as Massachusetts governor shows he spent nearly $2,000 on makeup artists over four years. The personal-beautification spending was divided over six sessions to three separate companies. Individual makeup jobs ranged in price from $180 to $690.
For Pete's sake, people, I spend twice that on makeup every 6 months. Items like this only reinforce how out of touch The Left is with mainstream America if this qualifies as a big deal. If there's any story here, it's that Mormonism is so abstemious in its application of cosmetics that its relationship to Christianity is cast in a further suspect light. And while I don't think Mitt and his deviant band of sex cultists will ever find Salvation, I do believe makeup can show this lost tribe The Way. Praise Him!



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