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Sunday, July 01, 2007

A big fat pack of lies

Christians, although it will shock you to learn that I would even consider viewing pornography like this, I made it a point to protest a screening of Michael Moore's Sicko this weekend. Please don't judge me too harshly, I ask you, because I did it out of my sense of Devotion to the conservative movement. This shameless piece of trash will try to degrade political discourse even further by introducing many toxic ideas into the national conversation about health care, and in order to have an enlightened debate on the subject, we must know the talking points of the enemies of Freedom.

Among the arguments we can expect the moonbats to be making in the wake of this "film" are the likes of the following: That the mission of insurance companies has become to deliver exorbitant salaries to their CEOs and quarterly profits to their shareholders, rather than providing services that benefit their members; that countries like Canada, England, France, and Cuba have functioning nationalized health services that meet -- if not actually exceed -- the basic needs of their people; that the profit motive has so corrupted our system of care that hospitals are willing to throw out those who are unable to pay like so much human garbage.

There may be a kernel of truth buried somewhere deep within these arguments, possibly, but proponents of health care reform repeatedly insist on overlooking one quintessential fact: That Michael Moore is fat. Sure, maybe health insurance could follow the same paradigm for public ownership as the Postal Service, or public safety institutions like police and fire departments, but because Michael Moore's ass is so huge it has a seat on the UN Security Council, the hands of our policymakers are tied. And while it's heartbreaking that a catastrophic illness could force a family out of their home, compromising the American Dream, I'm not so sure that Michael Moore wants to insure every American so much as dip them in ranch dressing and devour them.

So until Michael Moore is ready to own up to his part in this mess he's helped create and drop at least fifty pounds, there's really no point in engaging in a dialog on the topic with these liberals,particularly when they're so unhinged on the topic. But I can't be the only one bringing the voice of reason to this debate. I strongly advise you all to bring a clothes pin for your nose and see this leftarded propaganda for yourself, just so you'll be better able to engage the enemy and show him the fallacy of his reasoning. Praise Him!

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  • At July 02, 2007 7:28 AM, Blogger Y | O | Y said…

    If God wanted us to be healthy, he wouldn't have invented sickness. Now pardon me while I have a second helping of deep fried cheese and a cigarette in the name of our Lord. Praise him!

  • At July 02, 2007 11:08 AM, Blogger proudprogressive said…

    The hospitals, may indeed be throwing out people who are unable Pray,not pay ! When will the radical leftie America haters learn to do their research ??

    Just the way Our One True Savior would have wanted it. Praise Him!

    All medical interventions anyone could need are all right there in the Bible. If Moonbat Moore ever glimpsed at the Word; it was likely with an extra cheese pizza, and a 6 pack of malt liquer. Thus all the important parts, were smudged with grease and promptly forgotten. This is surely the chain of events leading to the making of this Libtard propaganda. And Hollywood is undoubtly already slating it for Academy Award. Rumor has it grown men were crying at LA premiere. Really America, get a grip.

    If the Lord wanted everyone to have health care, they would have it. We know the hospital CEOs and insurnce companies are rich rich because God loves them Moore - er more.

    When this SiCKO movie opens out here I plan to empty my change jar and go see it. So I too can be fully informed when the unhinged moonbats decend - to destroy our Oligarchical Theocracy.

    One comfort,is knowing that our annointed, Rightous rich will fight to the death before our God given health care for profit system is dismantled.

    One gander at the list countries that do have these Single Payer health care systems shows a Godless band of Rogue Nations that should be added to the Axis of Evil! Taking care of people only emboldens the terrorists.

    Praise Him !

    This is culture war ! Pass the Mascara.


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