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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Feeding the Beast

Through a steady regimen of sex "education," music videos, and biased coverage of Iraq, The Left has turned the youth of Our Nation into an unwashed horde of America-hating vegetarian potheads, all of whom would prefer killing their unborn children rather than Islamic terrorists. Not content with ruining the Morals of this generation of young Americans, liberals have now set their sights on those of the people of Iraq, with expectedly disastrous consequences:
Pregnant Iraqi women who have been forced from their homes by worsening violence are obtaining illegal abortions because they are unable to get medical care for themselves and their unborn, according to a new report by a national humanitarian group. ...

Rape, theft and drug addiction have also become "commonplace" among the displaced, who live in government buildings, at relatives' homes, tents, or squat in abandoned homes or makeshift huts on empty land, according to the report, which was first noted on the Iraq news site Iraqslogger.com.

The number of "internally displaced persons" -- refugees who leave their homes but remain in the country -- has quadrupled since January, the group found. As of May 2007, 1,024,430 Iraqis have left their neighborhoods to live in safer regions, the group reported, with more than 400,000 people pouring out of the areas around Baghdad and Mosul, which have been plagued by sectarian violence and anti-U.S. attacks.

More than 1.8 million Iraqis have fled the country entirely, according to the United Nations.
They must be teaching evolution in those newly painted schools, because I don't know what else could cause this freshly liberated group to reject Freedom like this and throw up their purple fingers in despair. And I'm sure MSM's incessant negative reporting had some part in this, too, because no doubt these people would be a lot happier if ABC quit blubbering on about how miserable they are.

Naturally, the moonbats would like to cite this as additional proof that [cue violins!] Our President was wrong to invade Iraq, that the surge isn't working, that our continued presence in Iraq is only bringing continued misery to a population that's already had to endure it for generations, that we're further destabilizing an already unstable geopolitical situation, that we're only fomenting additional anti-American sentiment in the world, and any other "reality"-based talking points the liberal lunatic fringe can pull out of its much-traveled derriere. Naturally, they refuse to look at their own complicity in the floundering war effort, as I bet you dollars-to-donuts not a single one of these people has a magnetic yellow "I support the troops" ribbon anywhere on their car. And besides, Al Gore is fat. There's no reason we should give stories like this any credence, other than to note how destructive liberalism has been to the people of Iraq, and that we should Stay the Course. Praise Him!

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