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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trannies without borders

They're already here.

As if Our Nation didn't have enough trouble with our neighbors to the South sneaking across our unsecured borders, I now learn they'll be doing so while wearing high heels and feather boas. Prayer Warriors LifeSite alert us to the alarming homosexual menace growing in Latin America with the encouragement of their leaders:
At a meeting presided over by Jose Miguel Insulza, the president of the Organization of American States, various representatives from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, transgender, transsexual and inter-sex (Lgbttti) groups met to discuss and seek recognition of “rights”. As the Catholic News Agency Reports, it was the first time that various activist leaders have voiced specific concerns before the OAS.

Marcela Martinez, representative from the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Transsexual People described how transsexuals allegedly suffer violence and discrimination through forced medical treatments and in some cases, assassination. The Catholic New Agency described how others at the meeting denounced such violence, saying that it was “promoted by a legal system that fosters cruelty, repression, violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender expression and identity.”

OAS leaders and delegates responded to the testimonials by claiming ignorance of the state of affairs and committing to remedying it. Silvia Rosivel, representative of Trans Nicaragua, indicated to the Panama newspaper La Prensa that the event was a success for gay rights groups. “The most important thing is that Insulza and the ambassador of Panama, Aristides Royo, committed themselves to work for the respect of the human rights of the LGbttti,” said Rosivel.
No doubt liberals and their Shamnesty Republican allies will claim they're merely sucking the wangs that others refuse to suck, but I'm not going to fall for that line of reasoning again. This is another brazen attempt by The Left to destroy Family Values, as the laws governing homosexuality present a moral slope at its most slippery. First they expect crimes against them to be prosecuted, next they expect their perverted love-acts to be decriminalized, and then they'll demand workplace protection. Before you know it, they've outlawed Traditional Marriage and -- BAM! -- they've got their own tv network:
Respected Pro-Lifer, Fraser Field, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Resource Centre, commented on Isulza’s recent commitment, warning that while it is true that violence against any particular group must be stopped, stopping such violence must never be used as a means to pushing a pro-homosexual agenda. ...

“So often in Canada and the U.S.,” continued Field, “the goal of making homosexual persons a special case with respect to violence is the first move in the long range strategy of making homosexual marriage and homosexual behaviour socially acceptable and the legal and cultural equivalent of heterosexual marriage.”
America has paid dearly for her tolerance of deviant lifestyles. Our southerly neighbors would be wise to learn from our mistakes. Praise Him!



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