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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gathering Storm

Say what you will about Our President, but at least he has a good heart, and he's kept the fags in their place* for the duration of His time in office. Chairman Hillary, on the other hand, has consulted "her" Little Lavender Book and decreed that the second "she" is installed as dictatrix for life, Christian Values will once again go into exile and homos will reign supreme:
An era of aggressive homosexualist policies is the future for the United States, promises Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, brashly saying when, not if, she becomes President in 2009.

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and junior Senator from New York, released a statement for “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month” in which she told homosexual activists that the victories for the homosexual agenda obtained by Congressional Democrats and others in the past year are only shades of things to come.

Among these are the demise of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which she called “divisive and discriminatory,” the implementation of civil unions legislation in New Jersey and New Hampshire, and the imminent passage of hate crimes legislation, which President Bush has promised to veto, out of concerns for its implications for religious liberty.
Evidently, in the world of Democratic politics, issuing terrorist threats like these** isn't enough to show the depths of your hatred for America, so she followed up with some Unhinged Bush-bashing, presumably to reach out to the undecided swing-voting pervert demographic:
"I'm running for president to replace the divisive leadership of the past six years,” said the former First Lady and junior Senator from New York. “America deserves a president who appeals to the best in each of us, not the worst; a president who values and respects all Americans, gay and straight; a president who treats all Americans equally no matter who they are or who [sic] they love.”

“For six long years, the Bush Administration has only seen the families that matter to them. It's been a government of the few, by the few, and for the few,” Clinton continued.

“But when I take office in January 2009, we'll finally be able to define success by more than the bigotry we stopped and the bad decisions we prevented. America will finally have a president who moves this country forward.”
She seems to have left something out, namely that part about moving this country forward into a bleak future where Christians are hunted by liberals for sport and starting a commencement ceremony with Prayer is a capital offense!
“If the dynamics were such that we had Hillary Clinton in the oval office and a liberal controlled congress then I think there is no doubt … that she will essentially remove any barrier to protection between first amendment freedoms and the radical homosexual agenda.” [said Concerned Woman For America Matt Barber.]

Clinton promised a broad expansion of federal hate crimes laws, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and the end of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military.

Barber explained ENDA and the hate crimes legislation are imperatives of the homosexual agenda that “set the table for religious persecution[!!!!!] and puts us on a slippery slope to silence any opposition to homosexual lifestyle that is rooted in sincerely held religious beliefs.”
I have to tell you, Christians, that I survived those harrowing eight years when the Clintons' political enemies turned up dead under the most mysterious of circumstances, jack-booted thugs suspended our most basic constitutional rights, Janet Reno listened in on our telephone calls, and black helicopters were ready to whisk away to some top-secret prison anyone who dared so much as question their numerous shady business dealings. I'd much prefer keeping things the way they are now, when that happens to Muslims. So while the current crop of Republican nominees have yet to display the same love of Freedom that has distinguished Our President's two terms, the alternatives are a thousand times worse. Praise Him!

** Why is this "woman" not on the no-fly list?

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