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Thursday, July 12, 2007


This is Outrageous. Just days after my Prayer Warriors warn us of the growing threat of lesbian gangs who've been savagely terrorizing the Christian citizenry, Christianpost.com, a purported "Christian" news site (and potential candidate for inclusion to the exalted rank of Prayer Warrior -- dream on, fellas), runs a story on inner-city gang violence and doesn't mention the L-word once. It's as if the limp yet invisible wrist of radical homosexual activists erased every reference to this gathering storm:
Teens from across the nation were brought to the doorsteps of Congress Thursday to speak out about increased gang violence in the United States and propose tactics to combat the problem from the perspective of people who have been personally affected by the nation’s growing gang and crime problems.
Like lesbian gangs who publicly shamed them for their patriarchal thinking or shook them down for their lunch money in order to buy Melissa Etheridge cds -- it's like crack cocaine to these people.
Ninety teens from metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York as well as other cities from areas including rural Georgia and West Virginia were selected by the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision to meet with members of Congress to discuss gang violence prevention.
Yes, I understand that the lesbian gang problem is especially fierce in rural Georgia and West Virginia, where lesbian gang members are known to sport tattoos of the Indigo Girls and Robert Byrd, respectively.
Some of the young advocates have also suffered traumatic gang-related experiences such as one participant from Los Angeles who witnessed her brother’s murder due to gang violence, and another young woman from Chicago whose cousin was killed and whose house was recently shot at.
Far be it from me to belittle their suffering, but what about the scores of people gang-raped by lesbians brandishing dildos or strangled by their bolo ties? Don't these victims of gang violence warrant a mention? Or does political correctness banish their personal tragedies from the sphere of public discourse?
The prevailing concern among the youth leaders, which they emphasized during their meetings with congressmen, was over policy changes that address prevention. Teens agreed that in order to address the root cause of youth violence, the government needs to prevent kids from joining a gang or crime-related activities in the first place.
Yes, the government should prevent activities like lesbianism, or girl's PE. There's certainly no telling how many lesbian gang members were recruited into their lives of crime during Title IX-mandated volleyball, but if this pandemic I've been hearing about is any indication, it must number in the tens of thousands.
Suggestions for keeping kids away from gangs and off the streets include more after-school activities, providing more places where youths can feel safe and build friendships, and offering more mentoring programs.
And outlawing lesbianism. If you do that, America's gang problem will clear up overnight, although the countries where these lesbians are deported to will most likely experience a surge in gang-related lesbian activity.
In addition, the teen representatives strongly urged more employment opportunities for young adults to keep them away from relying on drug trade for money.
Or becoming lesbians. God knows that "womyn's" music these "ladies" are so fond of makes this Sinful lifestyle look irresistibly cool. In this subculture, depicted with appalling explicitness on MTV and VH1, lesbianism, unemployment, and lawlessness go hand in hand, contributing to a sense of nihilism and anomie that has caused the lesbian gang problem we are now experiencing to explode.

When I see reporting this shoddy, I am reminded of one dire fact: Not even "conservative" media outlets are free of the liberal bias and sinister meddling of radical homosexual activists. Christians, be certain you're getting your news from accurate and reliable sources like FoxNews and WorldNetDaily, or before you know it, you'll find that your own children have been inculcated into this criminal sex-cult. Praise Him!

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