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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Remember the Al-homo

What is it about San Antonio that makes it irresisitible to the enemies of Freedom? It was first overrun by illegal aliens back in 1836, and now it appears to have fallen into the clutches of those accursed radical homosexual activists:
On July 2, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus served as grand marshal of the city's "Gay Pride Parade," which was held to mark the end of Gay Pride Month in the Alamo City. Chief McManus has spearheaded efforts to reach out to the city's homosexual population.
The thought of our law enforcement agencies entering into any sort of union with these perverts should give anyone pause: Are they attempting to turn America into a San Francisco-like police state where wearing white shoes after Labor Day is a felony and being a Christian is a capital offense? Because that certainly seems to be the case:
According to the San Antonio Express-News, Chief McManus attended meetings of a homosexual political action committee and took his wife to homosexual nightclubs to familiarize himself with the community. Reports also indicate the police chief plans to launch an outreach program to recruit more homosexuals to serve as police officers.
Americans must be ever watchful of the danger homos pose to Our Nation. In the past, their seditious threats were limited to backwards-masked messages on Barbra Streisand albums, but the continuing erosion of Morals in our society has allowed them to become more brazen. If we don't say "enough" to this naked power grab, there's no telling what abuses of civil liberties Our Nation will experience. Praise Him!

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