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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Swift Boat Beauticians for Truth

Ask for us by name!

Chairman Hillary's crimes against Our Nation are legion: She killed her former trysting partners Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, and Paul Wellstone in cold blood, and so expertly disguised her handiwork that to this day there is no conclusive proof of her involvement. She parlayed a crooked deal from the backwaters of Arkansas into an attempted coup against America's insurance companies, the result of which would have been the reestablishment of World Communism. She turned formerly conservative heterosexual David Brock into a Marx-spouting florist hellbent on destroying America. She has sought to cheapen America's political discourse even further by flaunting her dirty pillows on CSPAN and campaigning as America's MILF candidate. But perhaps worst of all, she has calculatingly gone from hairdo to hairdo in a pathetic attempt to curry favor with the DemocRATS' special interest groups, a flagrant abuse of the sacred arts of Cosmetology that I simply will not countenance.

Unbelievably, this is only half the story. "But wait," you must be thinking, "how many crimes is one person capable of committing?" Sadly, when you're evil incarnate and abetted by the liberal media, the answer is: plenty.
Evoking the Vietnam Navy veterans who helped sink Sen. John Kerry's presidential bid in 2004, a newly formed foundation has launched a campaign to "Truth Boat" Sen. Hillary Clinton, claiming the mainstream media have protected her from incontrovertible evidence of illegal conduct.

Wall Street whistleblower Jim Nesfield's Equal Justice Foundation features Peter Franklin Paul's fraud suit against the Clintons and the accompanying allegations against the New York senator.

"It's the No. 1 civil case in the country exposing an unprecedented array of frauds and obstruction of justice by the Clintons that the media refuses to report," Nesfield told WND.

In a year-long effort coinciding with the presidential campaign, Nesfield will try to mobilize a consortium of bloggers to "crash through" what he calls "the information blockade" created by U.S. media. His aim, he says, is to "help educate the public about the facts of Hillary Clinton's misconduct as presented in Paul v. Clinton."
Judging by her record of clean getaways, there's really little doubt that Chairman Hillary and her jackals will snow the legal system into letting her off scot-free yet again. Already they've maligned the character of Mr. Paul, depicting him as an inveterate criminal, when what's closer to the truth is that the Clintons have probably been framing him since the late 1970s. Actually, the real question is whether we'll be hearing about this during the four (or -- God help us -- eight) years of an inevitable Hillary presidency. Clearly my Prayer Warriors will not be silenced. We can only hope MSM returns to its sense of responsibility and shows a similar sense of duty to Our Nation. Praise Him!

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