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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amin for all seasons

Dear Homos,

It looks as if you'll have to find some other tropical paradise to host your debauched circuit parties, because Uganda is now off the table for Jungle Fever:
Hundreds of people in Uganda joined rallies on Tuesday to denounce homosexuality, a practice they fear is growing in the largely conservative African state.

Homosexuality carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment in Uganda, like in most African states.

Protestors from various religious groups, including Christians, Muslims and Bahai, held signs that read "Homosexuality is crime. That's the law. Keep it." and "God loves homos, he hates homosexuality." They were in Kampala trying to urge the government to uphold the country's ban against what conservatives have called a "repugnant practice" ahead of November's Commonwealth Summit.
Given Uganda's rich Moral heritage, this denunciation of the Sinful homosexual lifestyle must especially sting. Feel the burn, ladies, and praise Him!



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