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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time sure flies when you're being Persecuted

Nutritious and delicious -- have a slice.

Holy smokes, has it been two years already since I first set out to slay the blogosphere? I haven't quite accomplished that particular goal, but I'm confident I've made myself a thorn in The Left's side. As Our President would say, "Mission Accomplished!"

I'm not inclined to draw attention to myself (which kinda explains the general lack of pimping this site in the comments section at MichelleMalkin.com), but seeing as I did absolutely nothing to note this occasion last year, I might as well. After all, who's to say Hillary won't have me rubbed out by this time next September? As for the process of blogging, I'm at a loss for any words of wisdom (they'll hit me, tomorrow, when anyone has ceased caring), but for now, thanks to everyone for reading this, except those perverts who only come here looking for porn. Praise Him!

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